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  1. yeah that's unfortunate, because in many many ways it thrashes photoshop and even recently I've noticed adobe has started copying many of its features, but the alpha channel functionality baffles me. In photoshop I can just paste straight into the alpha channel, I can even just paint into it - this makes sense. I don't get how you do this in Affinity, if you even can its super un-intuitive, like i say this seems like basic paint software functionally to me, I don't see how Serif thinks its not an issue. I wish I could tell everyone I know to buy Affinity, but it's incredibly hard to do simple things, and then by the same token some of its features are light years ahead of adobe - its a totally bizzare piece of software. Maybe in a few years it may be super good, but it just holds me up at the minute
  2. not what I'm seeing open a file export to TIFF tick save affinity layers. Add a layer then try to save it won't save it as a TIFF
  3. open a TIFF file, add a layer and hit ctrl S, it will prompt you to save an afphoto file
  4. for example for example what If I as an artist wanted to create a transparent graphic, do you understand how hard that currently is, try that in Photoshop and you'll immediately see the issue with Affinity
  5. You know I don't agree with that and I stick by what I said - it makes no sense at all, I was actually pointing out that it was a problem for game dev, but its a problem for anyone who wishes to use transparency, especially any kind of developer and currently the way it works in Affinity Photo is an absolute joke to be honest. I'm a developer and I'm surprised how badly it has been implemented especially considering how easy it would be to implement. At this stage I'm not sure what the point of the alpha channel is, and sorry if I come across as being harsh, but it is pretty useless currently and if there is some magical way of putting it to use, it is in dire need of UAT, alpha channels are an industry standard its got nothing to do with our particular use case at all.
  6. Sorry if this has already been brought up. When I open a file type eg TGA/TIFF if I then modify that file and hit Ctrl S to save it - affinity tries to save it as an afphoto file, it should surely save it as the original file type over the original file.
  7. This is a massive issue, so much so that I'm going back to Photoshop - sorry I can't wait for you guys to sort it out, why on earth can you not edit alpha channels - it makes no sense at all. This is a basic requirement for game dev.
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