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  1. I using trial version and 5 days left and I don't get answer from devs on my answer. I would like to buy Affinity if I make sure that everything is working. I think Affinity need to add additional way to copy and paste part of an image in a channel and not wasting time. I don't need to play with channels if this is a textures. I just need to copy and paste my textures in to channels and I can't do that in Affinity. I just want to find out how to do that.
  2. Yes the video is great but still does not explain how to solve my question. I understand that Affinity Photo isn't Photoshop but it doesn't mean you can't use that already exist like a Ctr+C and Ctr+V instead that Affinity Photo using not a simple way to do that and not even fast way. At least GUI looks friendly but this is not what artist looking for, sorry. Unfortunately I can't find how to do what I need with channels.
  3. Thanks but this is not helpful. Affinity Photo is not native when you need to do something simple and logical. I don't understand why devs not use what we already have in Photoshop. Just do the same, why you need to create something weird and long and uncomfortable when you work with tools. You need more than 10 days to figure out how to use simple tools without tutorials.
  4. Camera raw filter tool is very good, hope it will be in Affinity Photo. I think people will double price for Affinity just to get right and simple tools.
  5. How do I copy and paste between channels? I would like to select one layer and copy it and paste to any channels [ Red, Blue, Green, Alpha] I need to do this from layers to channels and vice versa. Please take a look on screenshot.
  6. Why I open white picture but it's not white? Affinity Photo changing white color by default to what you see on screenshot. Please help with it.?
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