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  1. Yeah, I know about and use that method for seamless patterns but, in some cases I just need blocks\shapes right next to each other.
  2. Changing the settings didn't work for me. Besides I need to work in inches because I am making patterns to sew where they will be in inches. According to one of the other posts you mentioned, this is by design. I don't understand why this is the case when clearly people want objects to actually be next to one another without gaps. This design flaw creates extra work. Thanks, @ashf for the other posts because a person mentioned export settings, "when I used Bi-linear or Nearest Neighbour algorithm exporting to JPEG - there was no problem with those gaps" and that does work for PNGs as well. So that helps, a lot! EDIT: the export only works vertically. Horizontal still shows a space.
  3. I don't understand that question pertaining to this problem. While the square can be/is 1", once I start moving/using them as needed they may end up being fractions. Setting position to whole numbers doesn't seem to affect anything. I set Precise clipping, closed and restarted AD (just to be sure). Still the same result. I forgot to put my system info in the question...I'm using Windows 10 and AD
  4. I created several shapes, line them up and space them with ZERO space between with the align tool. The shapes are set with no stroke but, there still seems to be space left for the slimmest of strokes. The image of black blocks was created in Designer. Space shows even when it's exported. Shouldn't zero stroke allow the blocks to be next to one another without ANY space? I am working on creating MANY repeating patterns made from blocks (like quilting) and it would be very helpful to work with shapes with no stroke AND have the shapes "connect" without adding a stroke to fill in that space.

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