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  1. I can confirm that the main issue for us (borderless printing) seems to be fixed in this beta as mentioned in the notes. Canon Pro 1000 Imageprograf. Will need to test further but looking good.
  2. Thanks but we print well over 200 prints a day and this is not an option for us as it would take way too long to export then print from another program. I have presets set up in Affinity which makes it a breeze to print quickly. I can print normally with v1.91 using ICC profiles without a problem and they are perfect. I'm very surprised that the Affinity team haven't fixed this bug that was introduced in V1.92. They are trying to attract businesses into using Affinity products like Publisher etc and even that can't print borderless now. I mean, how can you use Publisher which is made for printing, and not be able to print borderless prints. It's ridiculous and should have been fixed within days.
  3. Borderless printing still not working in V1.10.0. Come on affinity this is a basic requirement for a lot of publishers and this bug has not been fixed in 4 months. Having to revert back to 1.9.1 again
  4. Can confirm that this issue is STILL not resolved in version 1.10.0 We use Affinity product exclusively for our business and this bug has been around for months now without being fixed. I really was hoping version 1.9.10 would have fixed this issue. Not a happy bunny right now. Oh well back to 1.9.1
  5. Just upgraded to V1.9.2 and can no longer print borderless. All was fine in 1.9.1. I've done a few test prints with full extension and there is now a non printed area at the edge of every print Normally when Borderless is selected in the print driver, the red dotted line around the edge of the preview disappears. This also no longer happens. Also the same bug in Photo 1.9.2 I've had to downgrade to 1.9.1 in both Designer and Photo until this is resolved
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