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  1. The NEF (Lossless compression) files from my Z8 will open properly in Affinity 2.2 on my Windows 10 PC, whereas the NEF (High efficiency*) and NEF (High efficiency) files just produce a black square at the moment. Are the larger NEF image files (~50-57Mb) a problem? I have not compared the quality of the 3 NEF formats, but I suspect that most enthusiasts and professionals would want the Lossless compression option. Would Affinity subscribing to the Extended Support offerred by LibRAW make any difference? Perhaps they could put in a request for the NEF (HE*) and NEF (HE) file formats to be supported.
  2. Sorry not to have picked up that this problem was reported as being fixed in other threads! Yesterday, I installed version 1.10.5 of Publisher over the version that I had found to be working (1.9.2). I have tested it using the files that were originally showing the shift towards the top and left side of the page and I conclude that this is substantially fixed for me, although the behaviour on my printer is now slightly different to what was originally being printed correctly as borderless. My printer is fairly elderly (Epson Stylus Photo 1400) and there have been no driver updates for several years, so that aspect is unchanged. I measured the size of the paper used for my tests and it proved to be exactly A4 dimensions (21.0cm x 29.7cm). My observation is that the Borderless setting is perhaps not expanding the print area quite as much as originally, and that the degree of expansion is now slightly less horizontally compared to vertically in a Portrait oriented print. The white space at top and bottom is less than 0.5mm, and the space on the left is 1mm and the right 2mm. Clearly, I can allow for this by slightly decreasing the 4mm margins in the original document so that I get actual borderless printing. I have to emphasise that although there is the option to change the Borderless Expansion between 'Min', 'Mid', or 'Max' in my printer driver, I have used 'Max' – as was the case with the original prints. I would like to emphasise to the Developers that although this change can be accommodated by tweeking, it is an inconvenience to have to change a file that was printing correctly some time ago. I hope that the current printing behaviour will remain fixed as it can become tedious if something does not print correctly compared to previously. My apologies if this seems harsh; I have no appreciation of the complexities of software development, but it does throw up questions about reliability. I am generally very pleased with Affinity software. I am sorry that Christian79 is still having problems, but the important thing for me is that the printing offset has been eliminated.
  3. It is now 17 months since I initially reported this printing fault. I am stuck with using version 1.9 for my Windows 10 desktop and unable to take advantage of the speed improvements in version 1.10. Whilst I understand that development is both time-consuming and costly, and that there may be many other pressing issues to be dealt with, I question the lack of urgency being given to this specific problem – the cause of which appears to have been identified over a year ago! Is it possible for me to install version 1.10 alongside version 1.9, so that I can use the former for daily work (and take advantage of new features) and just use the latter (older version) for borderless printing only? Perhaps the PDF workaround would be better, though I have not tried that and I'm not quite sure how I would use that with a paper-specific colour profile (I mainly use borderless printing for greetings cards)?
  4. Well its good to know that it has been identified as a known problem and is being investigated. It also appears to be independent of the printer drivers since a Canon and an Epson user (with a more recent printer than mine) have confirmed they are seeing the same.
  5. Created a Publisher file of scans of some of my daughter's artwork so that we could print 4 x A6 sized cards to an A4 sheet of fine art paper on my Epson Stylus Photo 1400 inkjet. The margins on the A4 master are set such that on selecting the borderless printing option in the Epson printer driver, the printed images 'just' overlap the edges of the sheet. Have used the 'final' version of this file several times in March this year, without problems. However, came to print some more cards recently (having allowed Publisher to upgrade to v. 1.9.2) and found that the whole A4 image was shifted 3mm towards the top of the page and 3mm to the left-hand side. This created a 3mm white (unprinted) margin at the bottom of the page and the loss of part of the left side images at the edge of the page (there is just white space on the right-hand side of these images so that the expected 'white' border at the right-hand edge of the paper will not show, though a cutting marker line has appeared). Since I knew that the only thing that had changed was the upgrade to v.1.9.2, I uninstalled that version and replaced it with v. from the website (I could not remember when v.1.9.1 has been installed) and tried borderless printing again of the same file. This printed as previously, without the shift in the image and the introduction of unwanted white margins. Compare the two scans of the printed output that are attached. I now feel that I cannot allow Publisher to upgrade until this is rectified. The Publisher file that I have provided has been reduced to just 1 page (for commercial reasons) by just deleting the remaining pages from a copy of the original 'final' file. 4xA6 Notecards (A4) - Tree Lithographs (1 page).afpub
  6. Hi dominik Thank you for identifying that this is a problem with cropped images. I was just cropping the images using the crop tool and adjusting the 'handles' horizontally and vertically on the four sides, but clearly this creates a cropped image which still has its original borders (though hidden) and behaves as you describe. I agree that your suggested method overcomes the problem and I now understand the issue. Many thanks for the video tutorial link and for sorting out this problem. This clearly is a much more sophisticated program than I have used in the past. Thank you again. I
  7. Thank you for your confirmation that images should behave like any other object. I have made sure that 'Draw behind fill' is not ticked for any of these images. However, the behaviour that I am observing is that if I choose that the border is drawn completely outside the image border, than I see nothing 'in some cases'! I have attached an example file which demonstrates the anomalous behaviour that I previously described. I am very much a novice user (just trying to see how better this program is compared to MS Publisher), so I am not certain if this is a bug. I have no idea as to the basis of the different behaviour between the different pictures in my example file. I think this needs a much more technically adept individual than myself! Is there a way of referring this to the developers? Thanks for your help. Example.afpub
  8. Should one be able to place a border directly around an image without placing the image in a picture frame? I have actually tried and it appears to work, but I get variable results that seem to be confined to the Align options in the Stroke panel. For example, if I choose to have the border either side of the picture boundary (the first Align option) I sometimes see a stroke width about half the size of that selected. If I choose the second Align option (border within picture boundary) I see the full width of the stroke selected, but if I choose the third Align option (border outside the picture boundary) I see no border at all. However, this behaviour is not consistent; with some images it works correctly, with others I get the result as just described. I am unable to see any distinction between the images that work and those that do not. I have only used JPG files.
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