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  1. Hi, Apologies if i'm being thick, but is there a way to power duplicate along a previously drawn path? Say I've an irregular shape and wish to have the pattern repeated along it? Thanks in advance. Andy.
  2. Bah, simple as that! I was trying to select it in the Export Options panel. Thanks!
  3. Hi, new to AP so I'm sure this is user error but I'm stuck! I've created a layered image from a JPEG import and want to export as a .psd file. However on the export persona there is no option to do so, only png, pdf, gif etc. what am I missing please? Andy.
  4. Thanks for the reply, that did work for me. Is there anyway of having more that one project open at the same time? I am using Affinity designer.
  5. Hi all, brand new user so please be gentle with me! I have created a project with multiple layers. What would be the best way of opening one of those layers (or group of layers) in a new affinity document? Do I need to export it and then re-import? If so what is the best setting to use to maintain all the editing options? Thanks in advance. Andy.