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  1. I can't thank you enough... just THANKS A TON <3
  2. Yes the problem for the brush comes from the AD version, I have contacted Frankentoon and he is aware of this bug too!
  3. Hello there and I'm using 1.7.2 version of AD on the iPad and now I see yes but it's blank for me wierd... is there a chance I can downgrade the version of AD and see if It's from the version of the program that is causing this bug ?
  4. Okay, so I just got the Texturizer Pro 1.6 from Frankentoon and I noticed that one of the brushes is kinda empty and if someone has this set of brushes, do you have this problem too? I mean it's Frankentoon I doubt that he will put an empty brush! The brush is called FT Broken. And I have tried to restart the iPad, switch colors and etc but it's still invisible...
  5. Chris A

    iPad LUT import

    Yep I have the same problem too...
  6. Does the 3 tap fingers gesture for "REDO" is still working for someone ?
  7. Chris A

    Importing Styles doesn't Work

    Oh well, I'm also a photographer and I bet when Ps comes to the iPad won't be the same as the PC's, so idd I will buy the Affinity Photo soon, well thanks a lot tho!
  8. Chris A

    Importing Styles doesn't Work

    Could be the Affinity Photo the problem ? Cuz I have only Affinity Designer.
  9. Chris A

    Importing Styles doesn't Work

  10. Chris A

    Importing Styles doesn't Work

    For example I tried those packs that contains Styles in and both of them can't be loaded! They are Jhonatan S Silva packs and they should've been okay but I don't know why only the styles are like documents. https://gumroad.com/l/wTNsY https://gumroad.com/l/pZwAX
  11. Chris A

    Importing Styles doesn't Work

    I'm having the exact same problem.. and I'm with 1.7.2 too!
  12. Guys I have an update! Apparently in iOS 13 there are new gestures that can't be disabled atm. And these are Copy, Cut, Paste, Redo, Undo using the exact same gestures as in Affinity Designer and not only this program, every other program that supports these type of gestures are affected. Just saw this video, so Affinity Designer is fine, they just need to add a disable button in iOS 13!
  13. Okay so today I've got iOS 13 public beta 5 and the only problem I found with my Affinity Designer is that when I tap for "redo" (with 3 fingers), it says "nothing to undo" and the 3 tap gesture doesn't work.

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