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  1. Would love to know if this is in the works at all. Would love to have a replacement for Sketch/Adobe XD (especially for Affinity to be the first to have a UI design tool for the iPad!) Is this being considered at all still? Thanks!
  2. Would love this ability. Please make it so number one!
  3. Ah, I see. Yeah, that wouldn't be good. Alright, thanks for the feedback!
  4. Sounds good! Thanks for the feedback! Quick question - why have the restrictions on the beta? Won’t the beta just expire after the new app is released? It would seem to be good to have the extra feedback on the beta to make for a stronger release.
  5. I understand you can guarantee it. However, I would feel much safer testing it on my own before spending $50 on the software (although it looks well worth it!) But, it would obviously be useless for me if certain parts of it were not fully compatible with El Cap. Does anyone know when it will be released for El Cap? I am trying to decide between Affinity Photo and Pixelmator and was hoping to make a decision today if possible.
  6. Hello - I went to purchase the Affinity Photo app for Mac. However, I stopped since I am running El Capitan (I am a developer so I needed to beta test the OS). I noticed there was quite a few people online saying that the Affinity Photo app was not compatible with El Capitan yet. So, I came here to the forums and I saw the beta and I thought I would download that to see if it worked or not and make sure I had full functionality with El Cap. But, when I run the beta it says I need the full version to run it?? How am I supposed to test this to see if it works so I can purchase it? Pl
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