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  1. Hi, I'm making a plan on how to cut a big piece of wood to get the parts I need to make a desk. In affinity designer I can setup my page to the same size as my room and measurements to inches so that the shape sizes in designer match what I'll need to build in real life. The simplest shapes I need are rectangles and triangles. Unfortunately I can see their sizes only one at a time when they are selected - and all of that disappears on a printout. Is there some way to automatically put into the middle of a shape same text stating what it's width, height and angle are? And if not automatic then at least in a way that when I resize the shape the text updates accordingly?
  2. I found another forum post that claimed that the latest beta has this issue fixed. I just downloaded it via the link below. It still crashes
  3. I am having this issue now as well. Really annoying as I really need the new illustrations. So any update on when the new build will be available?
  4. Just FYI to the developers: Select set, "Set stroke width to 0" "Expand Stroke", "Add" causes Affinity Designer to crash.
  5. Hi, I have a similar issue: I made the shape below and would like to fill each area in a different color. I suppose I need to convert the curves that are lines and circles into curves that are contours of each area. Is there a good way to do that?
  6. @Ben the new dynamic grid is great (as implemented in, but still not ideal. I'm working on an icon collection. I had setup a custom advanced grid (which is still not dynamic) with 64x64 pixel tiles for the icons that have a slim 16 pixel gutter horizontally just for visual separation and a bigger 32 pixel gutter vertically to have space for a icon name label. Within the 64x64 tiles my only option is the number of divisions. I chose 16. Symmetry and centering is a big thing in icons, so having instead the dynamic subdivision based on zoom would be much better. With maybe two parameters, 1) number of divisions per zoom level, 2) number of zoom levels visible (currently only two, up to three of four would be nice, getting progressively faint). That way I can get clear lines at the center of each icon, level two at quarters and level three at eights. And it all jumps by a factor of 0.5 when I zoom in more. Thanks!
  7. Problem: with the grid visible and snapping to grid on my control points snap to locations near the grid, but not on it. Not sure if I was the only one experiencing this, but I did not find any posts with this issue. Just snapping not working at all. My issue is that it works, but off-grid. Real issue: My project uses art boards. Somehow my art board got moved, so it started at 0.3 pixels. All snapping is to multiples of pixels from the start of the art board, but grid definitions are form the origin of the coordinate system. Thus the snapping origin and grid display origin are not the same. Solution: Select the art board and set its start coordinates to 0,0 Took a while to figure out, so I thought I share it.
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