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  1. How amazing is that. You solved that problem! Logically, i didn't get it, why the callout panel is not working. But whatever. Text-Frame-Box was not showing up. So newbies have to dig deep, to find the solution. Thanks for that awesome forum support!
  2. Thanks for your comment. As mentioned, i worked with pub. Did you care about this field?
  3. Oh no, sorry. I chose the wrong forum. Can I delete this bug--request, and open it in Publisher again ? (Sorry. I am mean in Publisher)
  4. I Created a callout, added some text inside. Now, in the layer-panel, its called: (shape Text). stroke color and background color can not be changed anymore (from orange, to something else), even the callout options are still available. For me, it seems to be a bug. See scrrenshot.
  5. thanks so much @sfoster71 . It was this function, I was looking for!! So, i missed this function. ,..-
  6. Agree with you. For such an innovative program, who wants to make workflow faster, it should be included. adjusting every paragraph is a long winded solution.
  7. as mentioned, i tried several possibilites. But i think it was at rather sec 12 or 1, when I clicked. however, i did it carefully and slowly, as you could see and tried it so often, that it can be granted for sure, that my fingers did not accidentally hit the mouse pad. @Old Bruce seems to confirm it. yes, it is AF Photo . yes, after a hard working day in the community, you are right.There is only one singular bullet proof option. If i like it or not, I have to explore the ESC button, i think, i never gave attention in my life, or really really seldom. Looking for work, and not looking to escape *haha...*
  8. Thanks @thomaso for your reply. I should try, how workflow will go with linked frames. It sounds fancy. Now, i made a screening of that behaviour. I wrote the text, pressed cmd+d, nothing happened 3 or 4 times. After that, i made it over the menu, as you showed me. After clicking several times at the menu bar -> select -> deselect it worked and it deselected the text-frame, as you can see. But after that, if i press V, it writes the letter into the text frame. I clicked with the mouse somewhere, and so on, but .... shortcut-d.mp4
  9. Thanks for your suggestion. I read already several ways how to obtain a suitable workflow. But it seems, that all the suggestions are not working in some cases. For example, my case was: Adding to a machine (Photo) several orientation Numbers, which the handbook was referencing to. So, to keep everything in order: 1. I had to put Circle, Number in a Group. 2. Numbers and circles were really small. (So there is no way and no space, to go after editing with the mouse to any text frame or something like that for dragging. 3. Using mouse in a group is a challenge by itself, to pick up the right object. Whether you get the right object or not, is sometimes good look, or using double click etc. 4. Clicking anywhere else with the text tool, sometimes it created a new text field, sometimes not. Don't know whats going on, but in that case, you are not using the workflow, which you cannot trust, to have a specific behaviour. 5. Going everytime to Esc, sorry, but it is on the other end of the world. I can enter "cmd + enter" without moving anything, for pressing Esc I have to move and stretch out the whole (right) arm. In my case, cmd + d did not work. If I press it, it deselects the text, but if i press V (for switching to moving tool) it writes still v into the text-frame. However, I am really glad about this active and helping community. Even if I found not a good solution yet, i found a lot of helping tipps and people! Thanks so much!!! And with the tip of @GizmoStudios i deactivated the shortcut "cmd + enter". So my text layers will not anymore be destroyed and uneditable for the rest of my life,.
  10. Thanks so much GizmoStudios, i always stumble about the converting behavior, i am really frustrated. I can agree with all the arguments you made. I don't even know, that the keyboard has an escape button, because I use it (at least I think so) never. Maybe I am contaminated by Adobe, but the behavior from. Affinity is really strange. I had to google, how to change the tools. Pressing Esc seems for me laborious.