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  1. Airdrop works for me :-). (Under export/share) I’d also suggest a neat app on iPad called FileBrowser Biz which allows “computer” file sharing to pretty much everything.
  2. Just hoping things might have changed....
  3. Is there any way to “flip” a vector layer mask? For instance, to use a shape to “key out” the outside of its shape, not the inside? (If not, can this make the new feature list?) thanks sf
  4. There needs to be an easier way to move a file back and forth between designer and photo.... could you put a button for transferring thing? (Or is there one I haven’t found?)
  5. I was wondering, a great way to make the workflow even better, is it possible to add to you iPad apps a way to “customize” the contextual menus? Essentially giving us a kind of “keyboard shortcut” replacement?
  6. In Publisher is it possible to decrease the space between paragraphs more than the "default"? Under the Paragraph tab, "space before paragraph" is set to 0 by default, (and isnt able to go into negative numbers) Am i missing something?
  7. How about adding a "web publishing" persona? Make it the one stop shop for "publishing" in general :-)
  8. sfoster71


    there appear to be a few broken links, but if you go here in the Publisher Application (show package contents) its there file:///Applications/Affinity%20Publisher%20Beta.app/Contents/Resources/AffinityPublisher.help/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/index.html the first "index.html" is the broken pointer i think...