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  1. Hi Steve I'll check when I get home. My workflow is to use Photos to acquire the images from my camera, that way I have a copy of them on my laptop and let them sync to iCloud so I have a backup copy. I then use the extensions in photos to "Edit in Affinity Photo", make my edits and then save and close the file in Affinity and then it drops me back to photos where I can commit the save back to photos. This was the bit that broke for me, but after installing the beta and disabling the older extensions (and a reboot) it all came good. I do then also take a copy of my photos library as an additional backup but that is getting off topic. Andy
  2. Dizzpole It looks like removing the old extensions and rebooting fixed it for me.
  3. !!!!!! UPDATE.!!!!!! I just thought I should reboot and try again and it works!!! Just for info, before I rebooted, I set photos to NOT use the retail version of the extensions (leaving only the beta ones) and tested again which did fail. So am not sure if it was just the reboot or the change to extensions and the reboot that fixed it.
  4. I managed to find and install the beta (thanks Markw for posting the link). So far my testing has been unsuccessful. I still cannot save an edited file back in to photos
  5. Hi Mark Thanks for sharing this, I'll have a test later and let people know how I get on.
  6. Hi Mark Good spot, somehow I didn't notice I downloaded 1.7! Does anyone know where I can download 1.8? Andy
  7. Hi Mark I have both in the top level applications folder and as you can see from the screenshot you can see both applications and the product key request. Any ideas? Andy
  8. Hi I am just trying to give the beta a whirl, but I originally bought it through Apple's AppStore. Any ideas where I can find my Product Key? I don't think I needed one when I installed it originally.
  9. Designer123 I have just emailed affinity@serif.com letting them know how I feel in a way that is less public. I really don't want to move to another product as AF sits just in the right position for my requirements and price, but I feel tempted to join the bandwagon and look at something else. Lets hope we get a resolution soon.
  10. Hi MEB It really would have been good to release a hot fix just to fix this issue. I have spent literally years deciding which photo editing program to stick with and I chose AP for editing and Photos for organising. But this issue has been around for a REALLY long time and it still hasn't been fixed. I have worked in I.T. management for over 16 years and have never been won over on a "it's fixed in the upcoming Beta". If you've fixed it, RELEASE IT! You have 6 pages of people asking for help with this bug going back 6 months you must have a schedule for production release of 1.8, can you share it as I think your loyal customers and AP evangelists deserve better?
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