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  1. Right, I got it from the App Store. Separate licenses or not, I'm paying for a service from the same company, while upgrading too. So is this thread going to be answered by Serif? No offense to you guys helping, and thank you for that, but my transaction is with them. I just dug deep down the site to find the affinityorders@serif.com email. I'll try that.
  2. Hello, Convinced by some YouTube video channel, I went and bought an iPad Pro then bought Affinity Designer for iPad. After a little while, I realized an iPad wasn't for me and sold it, to get a PC instead. Now I'm trying to log in as a customer on the site in vain, you don't know me it seems. I want to buy AD for PC, but I would like transfer my purchased amount from the iPad now. Could you do that? Thanks.
  3. BenjiGameDev

    Open or close curve tool

    Ok, I have access to this context menu by using the tool. However I am not able to see the tool that allows me to open or close the curve. So basically I want to (a) select a segment between two nodes and open that segment so and then I want to (b) merge both open ends into a single node. My question to here is How do I execute (a)? I cannot find a corresponding tool.
  4. I’m new to Affinity Designer and used to working with Inkscape. Concerning notes and curves, there is a tool in Inkscape to open or close a curve which I cannot find on Affinity Designer. Where can I find it? Or are there different ways of achieving the same result? Specifically I’m trying to merge the three nodes highlighted in blue here and get rid of the loop that I crossed out in red:
  5. Alright! Thanks! I didn’t notice that help earlier. The other one was mentioned on the UI tour video but not this one. Very useful!
  6. I’ve acquired Affinity Designer yesterday for my iPad Pro. I’m not quite sure as to what the meaning of these icons are under the node tool. The help button doesn’t reveal any tooltip unfortunately. Can an anyone enlighten me? Thanks!