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  1. Blender 2.80 and Black Magic DaVinci Resolve and Lightworks brought me to this thread. As part of a Linux workflow it would be a brilliant Unique Selling Point for Affinity to work on a build for Linux. Apple GPU support is fraught with issues. Like Support for NVIDIA cards Windows 10 is a good system using NTFS but crashes (and updates) way too much for a modern pro workflow Having at least Affinity Photo available on Linux would compliment the pro video / 3D workflow nicely. Personally I would buy a separate licence for Affinity Photo on Linux if it were available
  2. Hi folks, Do you think that you might add a contact sheet generator like the Photoshop/Automate/Contact Sheet II in Adobe products? Personally I use this function to generate contact sheets for my creative projects and I know a lot of creatives who use this function. Maybe there is a workaround method using a macro? Thanks, Andy
  3. Andy Marsh

    Copy and taste table re-size bug

    Arghhh should be Copy and PASTE!
  4. Mac OSX 10.14.1 - Affinity Publisher 1.7.1 Issue When copying and pasting content in a table from one cell to another the row size expands exponentially downwards. When the expanded cell is selected the deleted the cell above takes on the expanded cell size. My current solution is to remake the table. It appears to be an issue with the cell alignment. When you copy right aligned text into a call it expands downwards. affinity publisher bug.mov