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  1. The strange thing is, that MacOS and Linux has much more common than MacOS and Windows. So it would not be such a huge task to port Affinity products to Linux after all. (At least not as huge as if only a Windows version would exist.)
  2. I switched to Manjaro Linux from Windows a year ago because I was fed up that on windows my i7 laptop's fan was constantly running with full speed even if I only browsed the web. With linux it's a hole different ballgame. I use all sorts of CAD/3D Printing/Programming/Web Editing/Video Editing software and they all fly. As if I had a band new computer. There is no performance degradation over time and being able to finally have full control over my notebook (I decide when I update, etc.) makes productive work much easier. I spent a lot of time on different (Linux) forums and to me it's clear that the amount of people switching to Linux is massively increasing every day. There are so many desktop options (I use Deepin) that everyone finds his/her favorite and as more and more software is ported to Linux, the above red slice will increase very fast. And here comes Affinity Photo. Although Gimp and Krita are fine tools but I use Photoshop at work and Affinity Photo would be the perfect tool for photo editing at home. As there are more and more professionals use Linux, it is no longer a nerd OS and so there will be more and more people willing to pay for software on Linux.

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