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  1. Thanks, I didn't know I could force Windows to accept other color profiles rather than the screen's default. You put me on the right track and I could understand how to setup properly. If I set Designer to use the screen's color profile, the export would be the same colors than the profile's, not the colors I expected when loading up the palette in another software. For future reference, here how I did it: If Windows' Settings apps doesn't have this color profile in the Color Management panel, you can add it by going in Advanced display settings, then in the display adaptor properties link that'll pop a window. Click on the Color Management tab and the Color Management button. You should end up in the Color Management window with a list of color profiles set up for your selected screen. If the sRGB profile isn't in the list, you can tweak the default system settings by going in the Advanced tab, click on Change the system defaults and then click on the Add button. The profile should be on the list. You should be able to backtrack to the device's properties, use the sRGB profile, and have Designer display the proper colors. Thanks for the help! Hope you have a nice day!
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    Hello there. My name is Florian. I'm a programmer trying to make something else than just code and looks like Designer caught my attention and snared me into making stuff and maybe work on honing some art skills? I was shown Designer by a friend and to be honest, the artboard (and the ease of access to someone who has very old and basic Illustrator skills) was the seller feature and now I'm trying to take a better bite at the tool to get myself doing some drawings/mockups. Actually, drawing stuff is pretty fun, who knew? Have a nice day!
  3. Hello there, I'm currently having issues properly set Designer up to make it display the proper colors. I'm trying to make some work while using a predefined color palette but I can't get the colors right on export because the way Designer shows them is pretty much different from all other softwares (Windows' photo preview, Aseprite, your favorite web browser, etc...) Not only the color are mismatched but also the palettes in the Swatches panel are rendered differently from the other software. I'm bundling a picture where the AAP-Splendor palette is shown in both Aseprite and Designer and I don't get the same color values at all. I noted that even while exporting without bundling the color profile seems to work and the exported picture does still match the palette's colors on another software. The picture gets its colors changed when bundling a color profile and it seems like the colors displayed in Designer seem to match the export settings using my own screen's color profile. Here's my setup: - Uncalibrated (I know, sorry) screen under the "Samsung - Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM" profile - Windows' color profile set to the same color profile (shown in W10's Display settings and in the video adapter's own panel) - Affinity Designer's own setting currently set as sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (but it seems that this setting doesn't do a lot) Do you have any pointers on how to properly manage Designer to properly display the colors as expected? Thanks in advance Pardon me, I'm not used yet to advanced graphics topics. I'm still dabbling in this topic and I'm pretty much at a loss right now among all the different info I get from online. Have a nice day.