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  1. Awesome workaround. Thanks!
  2. Thanks. I've uploaded the file.
  3. In Affinity Designer, I am using vectors to create a sprite atlas. For each sprite I apply a mask that limits the vectors to that sprite's boundaries. However when exporting to png (or viewing as pixel / retina pixel in Designer), there is bleed between sprites. I have attached a couple of images to indicate what I mean. I've highlighted a couple of examples where there is bleed. (NB: you can see my grid: 32 px with 8 subdivisions) How can this be solved? e.g. is there a way for each element within the Grid to be converted to pixels independently?
  4. In Affinity Designer (1.7.1): select the mask and duplicate (CMD+J on Mac, or right-click and duplicate) drag the duplicate to the target layer, dropping it in the small vertical dropzone on the right of the target layer thumbnail Obviously if the target layer is in a different location to the original layer, you'll need to move the new mask to fit.