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  1. I have discovered that if I deselect the marquee before I paste then the bounding box is not distorted, so I have a workaround. However the behaviour I described is strange. Please could one of the Affinity experts explain: Is this a bug or intended behaviour? If I want the selection to only select from one layer, is Copy Merged still correct? (I learned that Copy doesn't work, though I don't understand why.)
  2. When I use the rectangular selection, copy merged, paste and then move the new layer, the bounding box of the new layer weirdly includes the original selection. Why is this and what am I doing wrong? Here is a video to demo the problem. I am using Affinity Photo 1.9.3 on MacOS 11.4 (M1).
  3. Thank you @loukash. Great tips. I hadn't thought about locking the background layer — that'll save me the problem of it always getting selected.
  4. There is no artboard. There are a number of layers named Player but there are also lots of layers not named Player. The document is saved as Controls, but as I say may have originally been Player (before I started using the Export Persona).
  5. I tried that. It doesn't get exported. But it's still there (which annoys me 😆 ). What is it? Is it for the whole document and is that always there? (And I'm wondering why it's labelled Player when I've saved the document with a different name. Although it may have been a Save As from a document that was originally called Player.)
  6. There's an unexpected extra slice appearing in my list of slices. It's not one I intentionally created. What is it? And how can I delete it? In this image, it's the top one, labeled Player. It has a different icon from the other slices. I cannot select it in the document, only in this list of slices. The trash icon is greyed out when it's selected. Backspace doesn't work.
  7. Thank you @Omega for working this out. I was clicking Slice Selection Tool and then trying to select a slice. Soooo confusing. The Slice Tool has an icon with a + implying it's only for adding new slices. I was totally stumped until I found your solution. Yes please Dev team please address this!
  8. +1 for changing document background colour to anything I choose. I am designing white vectors (videogame graphics) and it's just wrong having to workaround with a black rectangle. Every time I change the document size I have to resize the rectangle. Every time I export to PNG I have to hide the black rectangle.
  9. In Affinity Designer, I am using vectors to create a sprite atlas. For each sprite I apply a mask that limits the vectors to that sprite's boundaries. However when exporting to png (or viewing as pixel / retina pixel in Designer), there is bleed between sprites. I have attached a couple of images to indicate what I mean. I've highlighted a couple of examples where there is bleed. (NB: you can see my grid: 32 px with 8 subdivisions) How can this be solved? e.g. is there a way for each element within the Grid to be converted to pixels independently?
  10. In Affinity Designer (1.7.1): select the mask and duplicate (CMD+J on Mac, or right-click and duplicate) drag the duplicate to the target layer, dropping it in the small vertical dropzone on the right of the target layer thumbnail Obviously if the target layer is in a different location to the original layer, you'll need to move the new mask to fit.
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