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  1. I dunno if this helps but when using the export function anti-alias does not work, so when saving .gifs or .pngs there is no anti-aliasing, this was a problem for me as I needed it when using images that required transparent backgrounds, thankfully the anti-aliasing works as expected in export persona. This must be a bug but it solves this problem if you want anti-aliasing off quickly. Not ideal and may not work for all but maybe worth a try.
  2. I hear ya but it's not behaving as might be expected of a bug. I'll add 2 additional notes to aid your investigations. 1) The .afdesign file is being saved to iCloud, if that adds some level of complexity of note, I have no idea but I've had it hand a couple fo times saving. 2) I'm running macOS Mojave Beta 4 - 10.14.4 Beta (18E205e) I'm working on a big sets of iPad pro artboards - On next project, I will now observer behaviour more closely and see if it repeats.
  3. Alright, these defo seems like a bug now, because I've caught the moment that tripped me up previously. When switching to Export Persona - sometimes one or more Slices have lost alignment, this is why I needed to move some. I am trying to select the slices but the tool doesn't work, I can align it back using the transform box. Two things going on there. Slices mis-aligning. Slice Tool not selecting slices for further action. (it actually seems to mis-fire, i.e. create a new custom slice!)
  4. Oh you edited your post since I replied - may I suggest "Slice Object Selection Tool" or "Object Selection Tool" be a more qualitative and clarifying term. If you think about it, convention when in Draw Persona is you create a shape [Rectangle Tool] and to manipulate it you use the [Move tool] However in Export Persona the users use the one tool to do both types of action. ... again I don't still know why I had to suddenly notice and fall over having been using this tool for so long, other that cognitive dissonance. I have weirded myself out.
  5. Ok I've figured this out - this is cognitive dissonance on my part - the "Slice Tool" allows me to also move and resize, not the "Slice Selection Tool" - perhaps you can see the linguistic confusion there and the convention break. The point is I don't even remember having to think about this, so why suddenly did I find myself stumped. Hmmm... I could almost swear the behaviour didn't behave as was before and threw me for one - you know I've been using design packages for 24 years and Affinity for over a year but maybe it's the sands of time catching up with me... who knows! Thanks for replies. Sometimes you need to say it out loud to make room for the solution!
  6. I'm referring to the "Slice Selection Tool" if that was not clear.
  7. The Slice selector is not allowing me to manipulate any slices, even if I create a new one and try select - nothing happens. It's selecting bounding boxes around all the other elements but I'm not seeing the anchor point to drag out the size or even move the slice position. The slices behave as if they are locked.
  8. I think I'm missing something very obvious here but the Slice sector tool in Export Persona, will not let me select or adjust a slice size. (AD v1.6.1) Any ideas?
  9. Font edge smoothing seems to be totally absent when using, prefs > Artboard Background Grey Level - set to low. This becomes a visual annoyance in a workflow with multiple artboards in a complex layout. It appears as if there is no anti-aliasing therefore font is poorly rendered (pixelated) - making indistinct and hard to read artboard titles. Chalk & cheese
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