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    DiggerJapan got a reaction from Dan C in Publisher Export to PDF Failed   
    Hi Dan C
    I found the issue, luckily it was simple. I decided to export each spread individually to see if there was a problem file. The problem was with a PDF a customer created in Microsoft Word.
    The file was created in Word on the Mac and I use Publisher on the Mac. Obviously publisher doesn't like what ever PDF Microsoft word creates. I just resaved it as a PNG file and now its all good.
    Export works fine.
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    DiggerJapan got a reaction from Callum in Publisher refresh page numbers   
    Solved the issue. It was with the section manager.
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    DiggerJapan reacted to mnh in Publisher page 1 facing page   
    Hi Digger,
    Have you tried selecting "Start on Left side" for the 2-page spread? I think then your first page is also double facing
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