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  1. Hi Lee I will try that, but wont that also degrade performance? I have also tried unchecking the adaptive display brightness option as i read that might be causing issues.
  2. Hi I've just moved from photoshop to Affinity Photo and would like to keep it this way. How ever i am getting some huge performance issues. I have a brand new Mac Studio with M1 Max & 64GB RAM. I was expecting the app to fly buy it just lags and stutters. So much so im on the verge of signing up for Photoshop again. If i have a 16bit Tiff file open and i try to crop it, it seriously lags and takes me almost 1min to even position the crop frame. Even on other smaller files i get the spinning beach ball while the software thinks about something. It could be Document resizing, filters etc. Is there anything i can do to solve this? Or is this a series of bug issues that will be fixed?
  3. Hi Dan C I found the issue, luckily it was simple. I decided to export each spread individually to see if there was a problem file. The problem was with a PDF a customer created in Microsoft Word. The file was created in Word on the Mac and I use Publisher on the Mac. Obviously publisher doesn't like what ever PDF Microsoft word creates. I just resaved it as a PNG file and now its all good. Export works fine.
  4. Hi trying to export a60page marine to PDF for print. It fails every time with an error but gives no code to clue as to what the error is. Is there anything I should be checking that might cause this?
  5. so Carl you are saying that in the 1.8 beta if you alter a linked designer doc in publisher and then close/reopen publish it will revert back to its original state? Sorry if I misunderstand that but my head is beginning to hurt lol.
  6. I see. Thanks for the info. I will have a play with some linked and edited files so I know what results to expect. Thank you for your advice, its very helpful
  7. So are you saying if I now change the linked file in designer I will lose the edits I made in publisher when its refreshed? Sorry for being a noob, I just want to get my head round the best way to do this before I do more work and then lose it all down the line.I thought id just add a screen shot that shows the edit also showing in the linked file lol.
  8. Ok so this is confusing me. I have a map linked and resource manager shows the placement as linked. The thumbnail in resource manager also shows the edits I made in publisher. The file path is to the linked file. But the linked file doesn't contain the edits I made in publisher. If it was embedded and now a separate entity I could understand what is happening but it is still showing it as a linked file.
  9. I thought it might be as much. So its kind of pointless having all the apps "integrated" into publisher then, because the files don't globally reflect the changes.
  10. well yeah I could but I don't want to keep going back and forth when it can all be done in publisher. Publisher is purposefully designed this way to integrate all the apps so we don't have to do it that way.
  11. I have maps placed in my publisher document. I have made several small edits within publisher using the designer tab. These edits are not reflected/saved in the original file. Is there any way to save these edits to the original file? If not then i also have to edit the designer file as the map will be used in other places, so i am doing it twice.
  12. Hi I have page numbering set up. I added two new pages before my page 1 and page 2 and they display with page numbers 3 and 4. so now my page numbers go 3,4,1,2,3,4,5,6, etc. How do I refresh the page numbers so my 2 new added pages are 1 and 2 and the others follow in order? Thanks
  13. Hi Jon Thanks for looking in to this. That would make sense, as the preview viewer probably isnt designed for viewing PDFs like this. The fact it displays in Acrobat properly would also support your idea. Thanks for the feed back. Kind regards
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