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  1. Thank you MikeW for the correction. I honestly wasn't aware of that. We must've been working with later versions of Quark files, because InDesign would not open them (despite our subtle cursing). We needed to buy Markzware Q2ID plugin for InDesign to open them. I still think Publisher though is something Affinity should be proud of - especially being a first release - even if it can't (yet) open IDML files.
  2. I just wanted to pass on my praise and thanx for creating Publisher (completing the trio - layout, vector & pixel) that most designers use each day). I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into creating a piece of software from scratch. But i appreciate it. And my 2 cents worth about making it being able to open InDesign files: I don't see the necessity that some people feel it is. InDesign couldn't open Quark files. You needed to buy a third-party plugin. Quark can't open InDesign files (last i checked). The design studio i worked for made the switch from Quark to InDesign some years ago and the transition was awkward at first for large jobs created in Quark that we then needed to edit/update in InDesign. But we simply started creating new files in InDesign from scratch sometimes, despite having the Quark file. So, i think if you're changing software, it's to be expected there's a bit of extra work to be done at first, but in end it's worth it...especially in this case, if it gets up Adobe's nose. My only request for Publisher in a future release is if you could have more than 2 pages facing each other. I create a brochure which is 3 x side-by-side A4 pages, double-sided, as a roll/C fold. I output one PDF as spreads to go to the printer and one PDF as single A4 pages for online use. It's nice to be able to have a single Publisher file that will do both. Once again, thank you for creating Publisher, Designer and Photo.