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  1. This worked - in some ways and not in others. I was able to combine the two files in Acrobat and save as a new PDF. However when I brought them into Publisher - There is NO was to adjust the margins. It seems that the page sizes were different for each document. I adjusted all the spreads so that all pages are the same size - but there doesn't seem to be any way to adjust the margins. Any suggestions re. margins? I'll contact my client and get her to combine the files and page size so everything is on one document. Before I have her go through that though - I wanted to see if there is any way to adjust the margins - given the above. MUCH thanks! I am LOVING Publisher more each time I use it. D'vorah
  2. I see that this can be done on a page by page basis - but when CMD-A for ALL PAGES and then CMD-V into the new file I want to add the pages to - it tries to paste the content onto a PAGE rather than copying over the SET OF FULL PAGES. What am I missing? I'm hopeful and grateful! OH - I see - you are suggesting we copy the content One spread at a time - vs. importing 50 pages into a different document. Anyway to copy over multiple pages at the same time? Thanks. D'vorah
  3. Following conversation - I'd like to be able to do this too. I have two files I'd like to merge and copying the pages one at a time would be cumbersome. Thanks, D
  4. Greetings, I have two files that I'd like to merge. Is there a way to copy pages from one document into another? I'd ideally like to cut and paste - however added all the pages from one document to the end of another document is fine too. Please advise and much thanks, D'vorah
  5. posting comment so I can follow - don't see how to do that once I've posted.
  6. Greetings, I have the Palatino font on my computer and see it when I'm using Affinity Publisher. I'm trying to drag and drop and am also trying to "open" a WORD doc or docx - looks like that' not possible. I see that I can import or drag and drop a PDF - however it does not let me select that when it shows the replace the fonts prompts. What do you suggest? Much thanks. D'vorah
  7. This is SO helpful, thank you!
  8. Thank you very much. I did watch that video yesterday and found it very helpful. It does not describe how to add the dots between the heading 1 text ..... and the number. I also searched and found the forum entry you referenced. I've tried everything I can think of but I just don't understand how to accomplish the above with the following instructions. After entering the tab stop - I don't see how to enter the leader character. When I type a . (period) before or after the tab - only ONE is included after the heading 1 text. "You need to set the Leader character used by the tab stop. If you are editing with the text ruler, right-click on the tab stop and select the second option in the second row. " Please advise and much thanks. D'vorah
  9. I'm able to create a table of contents and pull in the page numbers and it is laid out beautifully with a tab seperator. How do I add the ellipses / dots between the text and the ........ number? Thanks D'vorah
  10. In InDesign we can add new fonts via the Font Book - how do we upload and add new fonts to Affinity Publisher. Thanks D
  11. Hi - I got a reply back in the Facebook group and this solved the issue. It's from Gordon who said: "you have to open both Photo and Publisher one time together and then click on the Studio Lijk buttons in Publisher so it recognizes there is a photo installed. Then it should do it after that there is no need to open photo extra anymore" Thanks Gordon - this worked and thanks Meb for your reply.
  12. Greetings - I'm really enjoying using Publisher and want to use Studio Link to Photo - Studio Link is not working for me. I have Photo and Publisher installed and when I click on Studio Link it pulls up an image that shows that Photo IS Installed. I have Not purchased Designer. I have the most current version of Publisher and Photo I checked for updates. Please advise and much thanks. Dee

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