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  1. I believe so Chris B. Many thanks Chris B and SrPx for the return. Let's hope it gets better in the future. Anyway Affinity programs are very good. Thanks.
  2. Good night people Exactly SrPx "If it is 2, that pressure and etc is not working but the cursor moves when you move the pen, In other apps (non serif) this happened to me." That's the problem Chris B
  3. Hello Chris B Thank you for your help. I did the test and it didn't solve. Maybe it could be something on my pc. I'll keep testing some more stuff.
  4. Hello people I bought a Wacom CTL400 but I can't use it in Affinity Photo. After opening Affnity after a few minutes the table stops working. I have to close and reopen Affinty Photo to work again. It only happens on the Affinity program. Use windows 10. Windows and Wacom drive are up to date.
  5. Hello everybody! I have Affiniyt Photo and would like to know if it is possible to place an image in the perspective tool like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py0dlOAUfp4&t=606s Can anyone tell me if it is possible to do this in Affinity Photo. Congratulations to the whole Affinity team!
  6. Olá para todos! A suite da Affinity está muito boa. Para melhorar poderia ser implementada a função de dimensionar os menus e ícones assim como em outros softwares como o Gimp. Essa função ajudaria muito as pessoas que possuem deficiência visual. Parabéns para toda a equipe Affinity!
  7. Good night I recently acquired Affinity Photo and Designer and am interested in Affinity Publisher but I have a question. In the demo videos of Publisher I did not see the panels of Person Dissolve, persona Export and the others of both Photo and Designer. Through Publisher it is possible to access the Affinity Photo and within the Photo access the Persona Dissolver for example? I wanted to download Test Publisher but only have a link to buy. Sorry for English but I'm using Gooogle Translator. Thank you
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