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  1. A workaround that helps in my case: I export the graphics with "strange" fonts not to pdf but to ps (Post Script) instead. Then the import works fine in publisher.
  2. You could handle this easily with PDFs. Export the a6-document (one document with all 8 pages), and place the A6 pages in the right order and direction on an A4 page. If you do this regularly always use the same name for the PDF document, and you can use the same A4-document for instant imposition. Hope this helps. Ps. It is Important though, that you chose not to embed "pictures" in the publisher file.
  3. Bit it is obviously visible in Acrobat or in apples viewer.
  4. Hi y'all, my name is Dirk and I live near Stuttgart/Germany. My publishing career started with Ventura publisher in the late 80s then from quarkxpress to Id. Since I retired some years ago I do mainly private work, only very little professional work for customers. Just bought me a new Mac mini and a license for Affinity publisher since my old Id (Cs4) is not running anymore on my new mac. Just finished my first 2 little projects with publisher. It seems to be a good and powerful alternative to the adobe-software. Will probably sooner or later add affinity- photo and designer. PS: I do enjoy the british accent in the tutorials! regards dirk
  5. I have a problem with imported pdfs in affinity publisher on mac os Mojave. This is what the original pdf looks like (screenshot) in the apple viewer. and this is how the imported pdf looks like in affinity publisher (screenshot) the music notation was exported from logic (apple). It worked well with Id.
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