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  1. I'm having issues with memory leaks--and I'm pretty sure its coming from my APub. It's extremely prevalent on my work computer, and just swallows my 8 GB RAM. That System is running an older gen quad core i7 with Windows 7. At home, it holds pretty steady at 4 GB, but when I shut the program down, it's not recovering my memory (which is also an issue at work). At home I am on a 7th Gen i7M with 8GB RAM, but running Windows 10 and a solid state drive. The RAM leak eats RAM, then when the software is closed, doesn't return back to normal idle baseline unless you restart.
  2. litanin

    Workbook for Publisher?

    This seems like a good place to offer a suggestion regarding workbooks. I have both the Designer and Photo workbooks, and they're great. I have only one issue, and that is that they don't lay flat. While it's a beautiful, quality product, not being able to lay flat takes away some functionality and makes it pretty frustrating for the end-user. I would have happily either paid a little more for hardbound workbooks with concealed wire-o binding; or opted for a slightly cheaper semi-concealed or open wire -o in a soft cover. Just a thought...
  3. A common practice for me is to pull lists of sponsors from an excel spreadsheet into my layout for creating thank you ads, banners, etc. I have had a recurring issue crop up when I link the overflowed text to a new text frame to create columns. The overflowed text comes into the new linked text frame tiny, and with various different text properties (size, leading, paragraph spacing, right indent, etc.). It is difficult to manually correct the text, as it seems to have a mind of it's own. Here is what I'm doing: I have been working from converted Indesign CS 5.5 files (exported as PDFs and opened in A-Pub) Select all the old text and replace by pasting Excel content over it without formatting (CTRL+ALT+Shift+V) Create new empty text frame & link with existing text frame If there is already an existing text frame that came in with the original document, it works fine. If it's a brand-new document, or all new text frames, it works fine. It only seems to crop up when mixing old and new frames. Correcting it is difficult. The best way I have found is to use paragraph styles applied with character style override, but it's not perfect--more of a workaround. The problem doesn't actually go away, because if you change the text frame's size and it reflows, the text that is reflowed changes (gets bigger or smaller, depending on the direction of the reflow). I am still running Windows 7 (service pack 1), if that factors in. I have the complete Affinity suite, all updated to the latest versions--though this issue was in the Beta of Publisher as well (found it a couple days prior to release, so thought I'd wait and see if it was addressed).

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