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  1. bodobe

    Hi Granny, it’s me …

    Something from the fairyland https://www.bodobe.de/red-riding-hood/
  2. Hi Gregory, really nice work with attention to detail, absolutely great.
  3. bodobe

    Magical Girl

    A new drawing to train the fingers https://www.bodobe.de/magical-girl/
  4. bodobe

    Magical Girl

    Hi Guys, I 've now inserted in some posts (like this one) Slideshows with "Step To Step" images, so you can see the development of the drawings better. Maybe you like it, would be glad for feedback and your opinion .
  5. bodobe

    Some new projects

    very nice work!
  6. A variant of the figure (comic character) "Mela Luna", this time with a small picture gallery with most important steps. https://www.bodobe.de/mela-luna-mr-mautz-und-der-mond/
  7. bodobe

    Vector portrait of a wolf

    Amazing and impressive art.
  8. A new work, have a look. https://www.bodobe.de/strichzeichnung/
  9. https://www.bodobe.de/no-means-no/
  10. bodobe

    Mela Luna & Mr. Mautz

    Mela Luna is a (comic) character I started. She has suffered a LOT and wants to fight back on the sun side of life. Ironically, the wandering tomcat Mr. Mautz want to help her - if that works well? What do you think about the drawing?
  11. bodobe

    facial expressions

  12. bodobe

    Hallo ...

    ... ween (with Affinity Photo) BROKEN
  13. bodobe

    Jupiter Moon Wallpaper

    Full HD Wallpaper (afphoto)
  14. bodobe

    Jupiter Moon Wallpaper

    TNX, John
  15. Pure Vector, no pixels, some coffees https://b-bertuleit.de/butterfly-vector-portrait/
  16. Thank you, Garry
  17. Audrey Hepburn: Moon River (Vector) Portrait (Affinity Designer/Photo) https://b-bertuleit.de/audrey-hepburn-portrait/
  18. bodobe

    Audrey Hepburn: Moon River

    Hi firstdefense, thanks for your words, I think the eyes are okay If you want, I send you the original file (Affinity Designer, it's not a commercial project), then you can try something for yourself, (or) later you could post your changes here. Do you want? Best Regards
  19. Vector Graphics/Portraits (Works without pixels), Affinity Designer. https://b-bertuleit.de/vektorzeichnungen/
  20. bodobe

    Little Vector Bird

    A bird drawn as a vector. Not spectacular, but it was still a lot of work. https://b-bertuleit.de/bird-vector/
  21. Hi Bri-Toon, the vector portraits are all handmade, each line is drawn as a vector path. Hair is the most difficult, even harder than eyes, nose or mouth. Thank you.
  22. Book cover design for a story in which a brutal psychopath first locks his victims (in the cellar) in a wooden box. Preferably with small poisonous animals ... The basement room I’ve put together from many different images, the framework for the wooden box I’ve created myself and covered with matching textures. Hinges, padlock, dagger, blood, (plastinated) body parts in the bucket - everything is gradually assembled from different images. Altogether 16 pictures were processed here for the Ambiente. The play of light and shadow has been a lot of fun with this affinity photo project. For the book cover, it was interesting that you discovered the man only on the back of the book https://b-bertuleit.de/im-keller/
  23. bodobe

    in the basement

    Thank you, Peter.
  24. The Book-Cover-Design-Tutorial (Affinity Workbook) https://b-bertuleit.de/Affinity-Photo-Tutorial.html Affinity Workbook https://affinity.serif.com/de/photo/workbook/ best regards Liebe Grüße
  25. bodobe

    Shutter Island

    Scene from the movie Shutter Island, oil chalk pencils (Polychromos), acrylic watercolor on paper (100 x 70 cm). Shutter Island Scene

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