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  1. ... but - the side-effect is not usable - hyphenation of many czech words commonly needs to be splitted after first two characters and with setting the minimum prefix to 3 it does not works.
  2. Yes! It works the same even with Czech dictionary. Thank you Sir!
  3. attached a small Publisher document and screenshot of it en dash at the end of the row.afpub
  4. Unluckily the bug still remains - even in production/live version of Affinity Publisher :-(
  5. CZ: Ahoj, chci se zeptat, vyřešil jsi tímto dělelní slov? Já zkusil doinstalovat slovníky z různých zdrojů, ale české dělení slov mi Publisher nenabídne. EN: Czech hyphenation still not working for me. Even if czech .dic files are installed. I FOUND A SOLUTION :-) The hyphenation .dic file ("hyph_cs_CZ.dic" in my case) must be placed into Affinity Publisher app itself - in "/Applications/Affinity Publisher.app/Contents/Resources/Dictionaries/". Here you must create a directory with appropriate name ("cs-CZ" in my case) and the hyphenation file place into it. (So, the hyph. definition file belongs to Publisher app directly - not to System Library.)