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  1. Thank you, that worked! The weird thing is, I created a file with this font in my previous windows installation and it worked then so don't know why it isn't working now. Oh well, the font you included works now so that's all that matters. Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. It's a standard TTF font, I found it as part of a pack I got ages ago, but another pack had a font called Joan too, but it was different. I have tried closing and opening, uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting, uninstalling the font and putting it back. Like I said, all other apps on my system render it correctly. My system is a fairly new Windows 11 install.
  3. As above, I installed a font called Joan, realised it was the wrong one, uninstalled it and then found the font I actually wanted, this one called JOAN (In caps), but now ALL Affinity apps will not render that font correctly, it's just being displayed as Arial. All other apps on my system render the font correctly and if I open the font in the Windows Font folder, it displays correctly too. What can I do to fix this??
  4. Well, I managed to find a download for the pre-1.7 update and have made a video showing how it works perfectly on that version. 2020-04-18_16-16-10.mp4
  5. I have mentioned this before but I had hoped it would be fixed by now. When I crop an image and choose a preset, say for example 16:9, I apply the crop. When I then wish to resize the image, it doesn't maintain the crop dimensions precisely. It is always slightly out by a few pixels. It's not the end of the world but it is pretty annoying. I find I have to create a blank document with the exact dimensions I need and insert the image and drag in where I need it - this works, but it's an extra step I'd rather not have to make. This used to work perfectly before the 1.7 update. I can show you that if you need me to. I've attached a video that shows what I am talking about Affinity Crop problem.mp4
  6. Hadn't thought of doing that. Thanks, will be interesting to see if this is a 'bug'
  7. I am trying to create a teardrop/water droplet in Designer or Photo and I just want a straight line and then use the pressure controls to create the effect. I have the end caps set to round but when I change the pressure so it starts thin and ends thick, it straightens the end and it ends up looking like a triangle. If I try it with a curved line, it stays rounded. What am I doing wrong? drop.mp4
  8. The boat was a random example of what is happening. It does it whatever the size, whether it's larger or smaller before the resize. The point is before 1.7, when I cropped an image using my own saved 16:9 preset (it wasn't built in then), when I resized it, it would ALWAYS maintain the ratio perfectly, but since the update, it is now always a few pixels out. It's not the end of the world, but something has obviously been changed and that is what I'm asking about.
  9. I can sort it myself, I wasn't needing help. But thanks anyway. what I was wondering is why this is happening in the first place.
  10. I know, it's mad. It ends up rounding down anyway, but the problem still persists.
  11. Hi everyone. I am Daniel Warner, I've been using Affinity since the beta days and would never go back to Adobe now. I use it mainly for web design purposes but also for some print work, along with Designer.
  12. I regularly crop images to a 16:9 ratio for display purposes and in 1.6 and earlier, I created a 16:9 custom ratio and it worked perfect but in the latest where you have all the presets set (I was initially pleased to see this) - it doesn't quite crop it right. For instance I crop it to 16:9 then go to resize the image and if I put 1920 in the first field it auto populates the 2nd field with 1081.6. I then have to crop again to constrain it to the screen (I know it's a tiny amount but it's annoying!) - Previously it would maintain the 16:9 ratio perfectly. I've attached a video to show what I mean. If I'm doing it wrong, let me know. :) Crop_Affinity.mp4
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