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  1. Hello, When I add text it is not solid text but is bordered. In the past I had solid text but, since about 3 weeks ago, it is bordered. I have read everything and tried everything but am unable to figure out why I cannot add solid text. I am not new to AP but am by no means an expert. Any ideas as to why I have this problem and what I need to do to get solid text? Thanks, Terry
  2. Also I can have 2 or 3 images open (editing) and when I attempt to close them (one at a time) Sometimes I'll get the "Affinity not Responding" message when closing them (any, some or all) So, it happens in many different application processes. The more I use and learn "Affinity Photo" the more impressed I am with this amazing, and awesome program but, the "Affinity not Responding" can be very frustrating. Perhaps it's my computer but, I do have other programs (mostly for guitar) that do not have these issues. I did do the current update yesterday Terry
  3. Thank you for your reply. I had the same experience with the image being discarded (I should have mentioned that). The specific pictures were taken only to learn how to do a focus merge... so I'll take some different ones and try again. I tried to do it manually but it was too hard to do since the foreground pine tree branch was so detailed with pine needles etc. As far as the "Affinity not Responding" it happens frequently in other edits including one image edits. Sometimes I'll be in the middle of an edit of one picture and it will happen. Sometimes it takes too long to recover if at all, like it's stuck, so I'll click to close the program; and it can take several minutes to close (a few times I've resorted to ctrl-alt-delete to close the program because it seems frozen) I clean my cache, history, etc frequently. HP Pavilion dm4 Notebook PC, Intel core i5 CPU (M-450 @ 2.40 GHz) , 4GB Ram, 64 bit operating system, x64- based processor, Windows 10 Thanks, Terry
  4. Hi, I'm a new user both to Affinity Photo and SLR cameras. I am trying to merge 2 images (attached to this message) with "focus merge" (following proper steps) When I try to merge the foreground and a background, the foreground never comes into focus after the merge. I have tried adding several foreground images to one background and then the background is not in focus. I have added several of the foreground and several of the background with no luck in a "focus merge". If anyone is so kind enough to download the images and try it, I'm wondering if the foreground image just might not have enough image focused (only a portion of a pine tree branch) On a different note (I think) when doing a several images "focus merge" I keep getting "Affinity not Responding" messages and long delays, then this will continue several times. Thanks for any help, Terry B_Mesa.CR2 F_Mesa.CR2
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