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  1. Ok, I applied the stock standard "body" paragraph style. Just tried to make a text style again, for paragraphs. Crash. The only thing I did was change to Times New Roman. I even just tried adding an already made text style to some text. Nope. Crash. I appreciate your help, Old Bruce, but I don't have time for this. Either the app can deal with basic text stuff or it can't and it's not ready for commercial release. I appreciate that there will be bugs with new software, but this is nuts. I will wait until they have put out more patches before trying again.
  2. Seriously, at this point I am not sure what is going on. I used the Beta for a bit and then paid for the full version. Finally got around to start doing some BASIC, BASIC stuff and the app is crashing on almost everything. Finally placed some raw text in bog standard new document (about 10 pages of linked text boxes) and when I got to modify Body text style, it instantly crashes when I change fonts. So, at this stage I have a publishing app that has trouble pasting text and can't change font. I really hope the next update sorts this out, because this is a horrific start for me. I am simply not going to invest my time into trying to create something with the almost certain knowledge it will crash. If the app can't do text 100%, what make me think everything else that is more complicated will work? Disappointed. Feel free to read my paper on mental lexicons in second language learners as well 1961244M3_v23FINAL for testing.afpub
  3. Good point, I will rename it is "workaround" and I also posted in the bug forum.
  4. Note: I worked around this by placing a text file of my document directly int publisher. Pasting more than a page worth of text (plain text, copied from a text editor) into a text box crashes Publisher. Pasting a file directly into a textbox has the same result. I pasted around 4000 words into an a4 sized textbox. Crash. 2000 words. Crash. 1000 words. Crash. Slightly more than the size of the textbox. Crash. Just less than the text box size. Okay. Repeated with different text and files around ten times.
  5. I got excited at your comment, tried "placing" the .txt into a text box, and then it crashed after 2 seconds. Ok, round 2. Delete textbox. Blank document. "Place" text file into document. Hallelujah! It works. So, no copying and pasting text into textboxes (???) no placing text files into textboxes Just place the .txt directly into the document. Thanks for your help. I am definitely calling this a bug and not a feauture
  6. [workaround] - see Old Bruce's reply below. Text file needed to be placed directly into the document (not in a textbox). Still shouldn't cause a crash though! I admit I have only just started using Publisher but this has baffled me. I want to try and do a long report style document in Affinty (good idea? bad idea?) so just opened a new doc and inserted a text frame. I paste my text into it, around 4000 words. Crash. Okay. Try 2000 words. Crash. 1000 words crash. Less than a textboxes worth of text . . . okay. Am I missing something here? Do I manually need to do something like create pages and make textboxes and link them all *before* I paste text? Huh? Why is the text not pasting and then just either making more linked textboxes and pages or at least asking me if I want to do that. Perhaps I am approaching the software the wrong way, but pasting raw text into a textbox shouldn't be crashing a piece of publishing software...
  7. Other apps might code spreadsheets different, but they can clearly paste Excel data with no problems. Seems like you need to select more than one cell in Publisher to let it know you want to paste into a range (See response from dev Adam W at the boeeom)
  8. An old topic, but node based image editing would be a COMPLETE game changer. Until you have used something like Nuke or Fusion for a while, you cannot comprehend how clunky working with layers is compared to nodes. It's a strangely under-represented niche for image editing and I can't figure out why. I assume that people figure that most people can't handle the change, which is ridiculous. The entire film, TV and animation industries use node-based stuff around 80%+ of the time I would say. More After Effects for low-budget stuff.
  9. BobFossil

    Data merge

    +1 for data merge. I have pre-ordered but this feature will keep me hanging on to InDesign. Implement it and Adobe will get the boot.