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  1. Hello friends, I'm searching for a basic feature to save different studio arrangements of my tool pallets. For example, I'm often work on a mobile macbook. Back to the office, I connect a larger screen to my macbook. In the past, I've switched to an pre saved workspace in the adobe app. Because, different jobs requires different tools. Is there a similar function within the AFFINITY programs?
  2. All your posts sounds like it works well for windows users. If you want to use a dark theme finder on a mac, you can switch it in seconds. Afinity doesn't need to apply any unchangable settings to the mac finder. It's not the end of the world either! Let us be surprised, how the following versions deal with it.
  3. Realy nice digital drawing with a wonderful idea!
  4. Hello, I have the same problem as Mr Lucky. I'm running Mojave in the light theme because it's more clearly to find files. In Photo, Publisher and Designer I would like to work with the dark UI because it has a better contrast for my work. Unfortunately it shows the open/save dialogue in the Affinity Settings choosen UI Color. The Affinity Color should'nt have any effect of my browser color! If i would like to use a dark open/save dialogue, I can choose it in my mac system settings.
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