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  1. That definitely make sense. This is a wonderful suggestion! This is exactly what I've been looking for, and your video made it perfectly clear to understand. Thank you so much for helping me out with this, it's much appreciated. 😄
  2. Yes, I'm getting the same affect after going over an area continuously to receive that high level of blurring. I usually cut out images and sometimes blur the edges, so going over the edges repeatedly seems to be the only solution? I had hoped that a stronger blur would be apparent on a single stroke of the brush, but that doesn't seem feasible now.
  3. I've attached some images below that may help illustrate what I mean. The first is the original, the second is how Affinity now blurs at maximum and the last is the closest to how it used to look. My brush is always the round basic ones, and I keep the opacity, flow and hardness at 100%. If I go over the desired area for blurring a few times, then the blur becomes more apparent. But, I hope that this is not the only solution available?
  4. Yeah, I tend to use the round basic brushes for most things, anyway. It just seems that the blurring effect comes out with an unsharpened look, rather than heavy blurring at its maximum setting and capacity.
  5. I hate to add anything more, I really do... But, has the blurring strength gone down with the update? I used Affinity 1.6 for the longest time, and it seems that even at maximum opacity and hardness, 1.9 doesn't have as much of a strong blur. I did switch PC's before the update, so I'm just wondering if there's something I may have overlooked.
  6. I've disabled the OpenCL Compute acceleration in Preferences, and that seems to have done the trick for now? It's a strange thing, but I'm not too fussed over it. Thanks for the discussion and tips!
  7. After updating my Affinity Photo, I find that the blur brush no longer shows a preview when hovering over an image. Instead, there's the chequered look that comes with background erasing. Thus, I can only tell how blurred the effect on an image is when I move the brush after hoping for the best. What can I do?
  8. I followed your advice and watched the tutorial. After messing around for a while, the macros worked and I was just irritated that there wasn't a shortcut for it and the preferences wouldn't allow me to. But then, I dragged the little window of macros and the library into the middle panel on the right, and voila! It's now a part of the panel and is fine on start-up and everything. Thank you so, so much for your help and I'm truly grateful.
  9. Hi, Dan C No, it's okay! Opening the PSD and its group of colourings is presenting me with no difficulties at all. Like, I just copy the group and paste it on another image in another tab on Affinity. No problem with that at all. I was just wondering if there was a way for it to be like an LUT, wherein you don't have to actually open a file, but it's already like a preset? If that makes sense. I managed to download AFTONEMAP files that added themselves into the Tone-Mapping persona with no problem. So, whenever I go that that persona and I scroll on the presets, all of them are already in there and I don't have to open anything that isn't already in Affinity. I hope these mishmash of words made some type of sense, ha. I look forward to the reply!
  10. So, I use a lot of colourings to edit my images with- and tamper with the blending modes and so on. Most of these colourings are PSD files, with a pixel image and the effect as a group. I was wondering if there was a way to keep the grouped colouring and have it opened within Affinity versus opening the entire PSD separately and then copying and pasting the colouring. I have tried exporting the group as an LUT with the 4 different export options, but none have seemed to work. Unless I can create an AFTONEMAP file for the tone-mapping persona, it seems the only thing to do is open the PSD's separately. I hope I don't cause confusion, and here is an example of what I am talking about: https://www.deviantart.com/allscallie/art/Spring-Break-By-Allscallie-796232775
  11. I know, but if future version of Affinity Photo keep presets and don't change their tools too drastically, I may be willing to update again. And, thank you! It took a minute for me to figure things out and I found out it's only effective from the administrative account, but I got there in the end. Can't wait to get back to making creations!
  12. Oh, my. I hope that becomes fixed. I see, I'm not fond of the rewrite. Yes, I've got the previous version which is working as smoothly as ever. However, every time I open it- there's a notification informing me that a new version is available. Naturally, I don't want to get the 1.7 update, so I was wondering if there is a way to remove or disable from the startup.
  13. Hi, I am not a fan of the new Affinity Photo update, as my presets are mostly gone and the clarity feature (A tool I heavily rely on) has downgraded. How do I get rid of the new update available notification??
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