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  1. Hi Chris & Patrick, Beta version still saves unmodified jpeg layers, uncompressed. I append the original jpeg and the affinity file. Just opened the jpeg with affinity photo and then saved with affinity native file format. The affinity photo file size is 6x bigger than the original jpeg file. Hope you can fix it soon. Keep up the good work! Illustration-
  2. Hi, Seems that file size of an unmodified jpeg image saved in affinity photo format, has improved in v1.7.1.404 but it's still 3x bigger than the same file saved with v1.6. v1.6 has nearly the same size as the original jpeg. So it seems that in that version, the jpeg is saved compressed (if the image is not modified, I suppose). Which is really efficient. The image has two adjustment levels, (levels and b&W). But levels add very little to file size. Just saving the image, without adjustment levels, in v1.7.1.404 affinity photo format, makes the file almost 3x bigger. Maybe the issue is that unmodified jpeg layers are saved uncompressed...? ... Keep up the good work, guys! :-)
  3. Hi Patrick, I uploaded a couple of jpeg images with layers. No modifications were done. Just saved. Hope you can fix it soon. Keep up the good work, guys! :-)
  4. What kind if file? Can you elaborate? In my case is consistent. I tried with several jpeg files with adjustment layers and get the same results. 5x to 8x the size of the 1.6 file.
  5. Hi, 1.6 files opened and saved with 1 .7.0.380, without any modifications, are five to eight times bigger than the original. Example: One jpeg image with two adjustment layers has a file size of 5.425k for version 1.6. Opened an saved with, with no modifications, the file size is 47.299k, almost 9x bigger...! Here is a screenshot: Thank you and keep up the good work! :-)

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