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  1. I want to add a caption on top of a photo. This had been working fine. Drag out a text box and type caption. Have Verdana font, 10 point Bold and set font colour to white. When I type, the text is white and so is the background to each character, as you type, so you can't read the text. I have gone into text box properties and set no fill, but it makes no difference. What am I doing wrong?
  2. This doesn't work for me. Keeps defaulting to Device on Spread Setup and won't let me change anything, it just reverts to the current layout
  3. Found it and it works. Wonder why the default for the Text Box is Ignore Text Wrap. I was looking at the image properties. Thank you.
  4. I am getting this problem in the newly released version. I cannot get text wrap to work at all. I tried inserting an image and nothing and I tried it with a picture frame and no wrap. I have set all the options like the poster above. Is there a solution?
  5. I want to draw white straight lines in Publisher. I used the Pen tool. I selected white fill Stroke white 10 pt wide and Line Mode selected. Every time it draws a very thin red line. The fill box shows a thin red diagonal stripe on the toolbar. I click on it and select white, but it keeps reverting back to this thin red line! Macbook Pro, OS High Sierra
  6. I have inserted an image in the middle of a text page and applied tight text wrap to the image. This has worked fine and the text has flowed round the image. I now want to add a text box over part of the image as a caption. It won't let me, I assume because of the Text wrap. If I try and bring the caption text box to the front, it still doesn't work. Is there a way to do this without having to set up seperate text boxes either side of the image and not apply wrap to the image. I have previously used Swift Publisher 5 and I coud inset a photo with wrap and then add a text box over the image as a caption.
  7. Simon W

    Master Page not copying to Pages

    Thank you. I thought it was strange that the background colour went across but nothing else. I thought the page size would be taken from the master, but at least I know now. Thanks for the quick response.
  8. I am creating a 100-page magazine. I have created a Master Page with a grey background box covering the page, a text box at bottom of the page containing the magazine title, plus grid line centre horizontal and vertical, plus page Number on the bottom right of the page. When I try to apply the master to the pages, nothing happens. Mac High Sierra. Beta version of Publisher CCC106.afpub

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