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  1. Every time i try to update AP or even AD and Publisher it fails to update. I have to restart my computer in order for the update to successfully install. But at this point it looks like a full install as the program is not in the destination folder anymore. I'm using Windows 10 pro v1809
  2. I'm not having much success. I have both 32bit and 64bit plug-in installed but only the PortraitPro with 3 dots appear in the list I'm using Portrait Pro Studio 18.4.
  3. I'm still learning to use AP but so far with all the tutorials available it's been easy to learn most of the tools. I've added a whale fin, 2 dinosaurs, 2 signs and of course baby Groot layered on the actual image.Hopefully Affinity is ok with me using their logo to support their software.
  4. I've been using Lightroom since the first version up to LR6. I've tried On1 Photo Raw 2019.5 but it's not a LR replacement, yet. The two key features that keep me from leaving LR is: 1. The export dialog with ease of selecting presets, but then i am able to quickly change a destination if needed. On1 doesn't start at the current selected directory so you have to re-navigate again to where you want to save to. It's these little things that make On1 frustrating to use. 2. Being able to right click on an image(s) and edit in external program like Photoshop Affinity Photo no matter what module you're in. like Library or Develop. In On1 you have to go back to Browse and then use the menu to select an external program, which brings up Windows browser. You then have to navigate to the editing program. Stupid. They should have preference settings for adding an external editing program like LR does. If On1 fixes these two things then i can easily move over. But it would be awesome if Affinity designs a LR replacement. I'd buy for sure . I've already purchased all 3 programs of theirs. Yeah, Adobe can eat $#!^ with their subscription.
  5. Any news? The latest AP just hangs when i try to start PP18 from the plug-in menu. I have to FC AP like clyderscent mentioned.
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