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  1. +1 "Hide transform controls" is all that is needed. Simply toggle that needs to be implemented.
  2. I want to "snap" layers around the edges if I get close. Also need to see the center line if I get close, both horizontal and vertical. Is this just a setting somewhere?
  3. It is my understanding that Affinity Photo does not support this basic and expected feature, so what is the best way to achieve the same result? I use this tool for just about every single image that I work on so I'm baffled by its omission here. I really need the ability to trim the edges of a canvas according to the selected color (or transparency). How can I do this?
  4. I used this SO MUCH in Photoshop. Very surprised to see that it's not a feature in Affinity Photo. After googling I found some other people asking about it last year, and the "solution" was to set up a macro or something that did like 4 different things to achieve the same result. Please just... copy the feature from Photoshop instead. Really copy most of the ones you don't have already. Thanks.