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  1. Hello, I have upgraded my Affinity to 1.8 and on MacOs Catalina. I am using an external non-retina screen. The Bug is that mouse clicks are not responding on the panel immediately in the Develop Panel. When I click on of the menu items located on the right side (e.g. LUTs, White Balance, Constrast, etc.) I need to click few times/tries to open a tab so that it can be expanded. Is it a known issue and is it on the list to be fixed? It is really frustrating to work on the Develop Panel. Thanks, Ege
  2. Whole panel looks blurry on non-retina screen. Could it be fixed asap? It is really difficult work with the new version due to that bug. Thanks, Ege
  3. Same issue here, blurry icons on a regular external (non-Retina) display. Please fix it asap! We love Affinity Photo but this is very high prio issue.
  4. Thank you Gabriel, I bought the software via your website last year. Thank you very much for the information. Do you have a bug-fix release planned for this issue? I really liked the performance improvements but it is very sad to see that images cannot be saved. Thank you, Ege
  5. Hello, I have just updated to 1.7 from 1.6.7. I can click on Edit With Affinity Photo. -> Affinity Photo opens and shows the selected image. -> Do some changes on Affinity -> Click on File-> Save. And file is not saved. Photos app still shows the unedited version of the photograph. Restart does not help unfortunately. Is there a way to downgrade to 1.6.7 back until a bug fix is released? Thanks, Ege
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