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  1. After re-searching through the website & available in-app documentation all I find is "Best in class PSD Import/Export", "Pro file formats like PSD supported", "accurate opening/saving of Adobe Photoshop PSD files (includes 32 bit)", and "take PSDs into other supported software". IMO this appears somewhat disingenuous in light of what you're telling me. As someone who's worked in IT & AV for over 30 years, I understand and empathise with what AP is trying to accomplish vs Photoshop, but I'd ask to please be more straightforward with your marketing & documentation. That being said, it still doesn't answer my question as to why .AI export isn't supported. If you've partially figured out .PSD export to the point where it's marketed as complete, why not add partial .AI export too? If it's too difficult and/or not determined to be worth the development time, I'd appreciate you then just say so, instead of saying there's not much you can do. I think we all understand the realities of limited resources and prioritization and would appreciate the transparency. .AI export isn't a deal-breaker for me, although at one time it was (and at that time I and everyone else I knew just saved everything down to Illustrator 88). Very VERY impressed with both AP & AD so far, so please rear my previous criticism in that context.
  2. Just downloaded the trial, and am in agreement with the OP re usefulness & need of .ai export. I understand the .ai file format is closed & proprietary, but couldn't the same be said for .psd? Or is .psd that much more understood/hacked by the dev community than .ai?