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  1. I've been trying to update my versions of Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher from 1.9.3 to 1.10.1 but I kept getting a message saying that the update had failed and to try again later. I "tried again later" several times + restarted my computer on a number of occasions but all to no avail. I'm not a computer / software expert so I was at a loss to think what I might need to do to complete the updates when I questioned whether the presence of a VPN might make any difference. I turned off my VPN and was able to complete the updates. I have no idea why turning off my VPN made the difference but it might help others in a similar situation of you'd update the message about update failure to include a suggestion to try turning off any VPN before trying to install the update again.
  2. Hi there. I'm Paul, a 58 year old who has spent 40 years working in a profession that's about as far from photography as it's possible to get. I've lived in Essex, UK, since 1999 - though I'm originally from 250 mile, or so, NW of there (Manchester) but have also spent years living in Newcastle upon Tyne and Perth (the Scottish one). Photography has been my main hobby since I hot my teens and continues to be so. I'm still a very active film photographer - though I also shoot plenty of digital (I see no reason to have to choose one over the other). I'm not remotely tecchie - though I've worked out how to scan negatives and work on them in LRCC. PS is very much an unknown quantity, save for some fairly rudimentary techniques. I'll probably keep with the Adobe subscription for a couple of months until I've come to terms with Photo a bit. I recently purchased Publisher as I'm thinking about putting together some "zines" based on some of the subjects I've photographed over the past years. I joined the Beta about a fortnight before the full version went live, so the discount was much appreciated. I've just downloaded the trial version of Photo. It looks fairly daunting - being more akin to PS than LRCC - but that's not really a bad thing as I should be able to approach it with no real legacy of having to re-learn Photo from an extensive legacy of using PS. My main concern is that I'll miss the way in which I've been able to import and file / back up folders in LRCC but, again, I'll be able to build new libraries with, hopefully, a more logical approach than I have at present. I'm sure I'll ask some very fundamental and (probably) stupid questions as both Publisher and Photo are very new to me. Please bear with me, as my lack of understanding isn't intentional. I will check out the excellent YouTube tutorials Affinity has produced to find answers - but I'm not great at understanding the tech-talk and I also find it hard to follow a tiny mouse across a demo screen whilst also listening to the expert explain the what and the how. I'm a bloke. Multi-tasking is not strong with me....! Anyway, enough about me for now. I'm really looking forward to using the Affinity products and interacting with the community here. All the best.
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