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  1. 42 At this point I'm thrilled, but I understand the desire for one app and support the idea as a long term goal. I would see it much like Maya where modelling, lighting and animating are independent UI's with their own sets of tools and pallets. At this point I'm more than satisfied with two apps that recognize one another and support cross-app updates in real time. I assume a smart object created in Designer can be edited by launching the app from Photo. Not sure because I don't own both. Which brings me to my second point. I'm with Blackest on the loyalty thing. I told my son about Affinity last year so he bought me Photo as a gift. But it was Designer that I wanted. Rather than tell him he bought the wrong app I thought I would wait for a loyalty offer to purchase it and complete the set. I understand the Apple Store problem. The answer is a simple mail-in rebate. FWIW - I was a multi-app Adobe user since PS 1.0, I have upgraded Creative Suite several times over the years. Adobe's lack of loyalty has more to do with me switching than their painfully slow upgrade history and sluggish legacy code. Asking me to pay the same monthly subscription as a new comer for the Cloud is disgusting after 25 years of loyalty. It will never happen.
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