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  1. On which settings? With Metal disabled?
  2. I mean this: https://store.serif.com/en-us/account/downloads/ <- here I bought Affinity Products.
  3. @Leigh I copied 1.6 version from my second mac and replace 1.7 I think that in Serif user panel should be a link to older versions.
  4. @Leigh Is there a way to downgrade APh not via the Mac App Store?
  5. Hi, The same issue after upgrade to 1.7. Files are opening longer, operations takes longer...
  6. +1 for CSS box for layer / object!
  7. Hello, I don't know if anyone has already proposed this idea (I was looking for it, but I didn't find), but I think that a little tooltip (box) with dynamic marquee size will be great. Example: PS. I know that I can see that on Transform window.
  8. Any news? If you go here: https://www.photopea.com/ you can find a free software (running on your browser) with *.PSD support and this tool (created by ONE person in JavaScript) can display text with missing fonts. In Affinity Photo I can unset "Import PSD text as text rather then bitmap" but then I can't see text details or copy that text. I think that Affinity should has disabled that option BEFORE user select Text Tool and automatic enabled when user will click on that text with that tool (automatic replacement PSD bitmap by real text). Affinity (paid software created by professional company): Photopea (free tool in browser created by one person):