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  1. indesign now shows every object listed under its layer? This confusing idea is adopted in affinity publisher. Why would one want to list each object, and bother to name them? This is not what page layout is about. One wants a simple global list of layers, to control visibility, draw order, and layer effects. Why clutter this with listing 20-some objects on each layer so one can't find ones layers? Why make it hard instead of easy? Is it fancy to show all the objects listed under each layer, with just generic names like object 1 and 2? Should layout work be about naming ones object on the layer list? Maybe have a separate screen set up to show the all too busy layers palette? Maybe hire a separate assistant to monitor and arrange the objects list, which is no longer a layers palette, to get this thing out of ones way? I just can't understand this thing.
  2. I am so looking forward to replacing indesign. But I need layers. Without layers it is not a page layout program. What is shown as the layers palette is more of an objects palette. I need to be able to have an active layer that all new objects are put into. Always manually placing all new objects into its layer is a lot of work. If I select an object that is manually put into a layer, the layer list expands so I can't see the other layers, and I need to scroll around in a meaningless list of not named objects, instead of looking at my layers. So I can't put my object on another layer because the other layers are not visible. And If I copy or move an object to another page, I will have to make a new layer with the same name and then manually put my object there? This will newer work in a rational workflow. All my time will be spend fuzzing about with the layer palette instead of page layout work. This is done well in other software, so why change it for something that does not work? Please please change this, so that we finally have a viable indesign alternative.
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