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  1. You're welcome. This is also the reason why the Hand-tool in QuarkXPress is the ALT key. It ALWAYS works. In a textframe or not.
  2. Leaving the text frame to be able to pan around is like eating a soup with a fork. There's a spoon for the soup. Spoon missing for now.
  3. I know. As I said: "Otherwise we always have to leave the text frame to be able to pan with the Hand-tool." But this is a dirty workaround. Moreover you loose the last cursor position.
  4. Hi there, When using TAB to jump to the next field in the Transform-Palette, then SHIFT-TAB to go back, it's not possible to leave/confirm using ENTER-key or ESC. It's stuck. EDIT: Same problem in Colour-Palette: Change one colour value. Hit the TAB-key. NOW it's stuck! You can't leave the Palette with the enter or ESC key.
  5. A rule in always all applications is: Moving + ALT-key pressed is a copy. This works even in macOS' Finder, Powerpoint, all Adobe Apps and others. Unfortunately, in Affinity Apps, it's not working as expected: The user has to press the ALT Key BEFORE beginning to move. It should also be possible to press the ALT-key at any time, even while already moving. (as with the shift-key to keep axes). And there's also a place, where the "moving+ALT-key=copy" does not work: In the Transform Palette: Example: The X-position is 20mm. If I add a "+15" behind the value and press ENTER, the object is moved correctly to X=35. It should make a copy if I confirm with ALT-ENTER. (Works in Adobe Apps). I also couldn't find a way to make multiple copys of objects. InDesign and Quark have a dialog for step-and-repeat. (# of copys, X- and Y-distance). And last but not least, yould you add a "repeat last operation" menu-entry + shortcut? (Like InDesign and Illustrator) When having moved or duplicated an object, using this function would repeat the last operation for the selected object. PS: Same functions are missing in Affinity Designer. Thanks in advance Patrick
  6. Hi, Could you add a keyboard shortcut for the Hand-tool while in a text frame? InDesign uses the ALT key for this, as the spacebar will add spaces. I'm really missing this feature. Otherwise we always have to leave the text frame to be able to pan with the Hand-tool. Thanks in advance. Patrick PS: Affinity Designer has the same 'problem'.
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