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  1. I'm not saying that other things that other users would like to be expanded are not to my liking, I have only highlighted some implementation "which I think" are easier and faster to expand, than I know about a perspective grid or a 3D generation. It is clear that if it were possible to have all the functions of Ai in AD it would be fantastic. But I take Ai as an example because it is the most popular, but I saw for example doing great things even in corel draw.
  2. Look at the current state, you've really done a great job. AD really works better than Ai for practical purposes, I've been fiddling with it for a few weeks, without having worked on it, but it seems to be fast, lean, reliable ... I have been using it for 10 years not constantly (I prefer), but every time I have to using Ai is a headache ... Slow, Heavy, Inaccurate, as long as you work with a few vectors it goes more or less well but when you start putting images, shadows, and many tables, it becomes difficult even to move from one table to another ... I don't ask big things about AD, many illustrator functions I don't even use (or rarely), see 3D, perspective grid, mesh tools, effects (except shadows) or new functions ... From AD I would ask only for more precision, some 3-point circle drawing tools (which even AI does not have, but via plug-ins), or tangent lines, objects that adapt to the curvature of the path and remain at 90 ° with it , in the end it is a vector / technical drawing software, so I believe that having certain functions is a must, it will benefit the software but also the sales. Type in AD I can't find 1. the ability to directly manage the guides through the panel transforms (I always have to open the guide panel, which is formidable but inconvenient to access), such as the possibility of transforming a path into a guide. 2. I can't find the possibility to display only the work table by removing the display of everything in the assembly table (which in pubblisher does, but in pubblisher I can't find the possibility to see the objects parked in the area of Editor) 3. I can't find how to display the icc color profile applied to the document 4. I have an old Pantone library, how can I put it in AD? 5. The tool creates shapes would not be bad 6. A tool to straighten an object horizontally and vertically. Like I have a track with a nib that AD does not mark the corner for me, but I would like to place it horizontally, like I do? 7. The slider for the stroke size is excellent, but I think we should also add predefined line thickness sets, such as 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, .... (even if they can be customized by the user) or insert the notches on the slider as on the rotation slider. 8. Insert the transform panel in the top bar for quick access. 9. Overprint display and the various CMYK Spot print channels 10. Maybe implement a plug-in to be able to insert AD files in indesign 11. Display the fill / trace in the left tool palette even when set to 1 column display. 12. Arrangement of collapsible panels as happens in Ai, in order to have more palettes available but occupy less space. So limit the waste of time in having to always go looking for and open the desired panels. 13. the "X" button of the project close instead of putting it all to the right, putting it shortly after the name of the table, is more intuitive and visible. 14. the command to recall the momentary zoom in backspace + crtl, make it work even if you press as in adobe, ctrl + backspace. 15. Key object alignment. (first selection or last selection is a bit limiting if there are many objects to align. 16. Possibility of special selections, similar in color, etc. ... 17. Ability to open a PDF or other document, converting texts into tracks (especially if they are not present in the PC) 18. other things that now escape me ...
  3. Hello, Thank you for taking the issue into consideration. We users ask only for precise, versatile and reliable vector drawing software. The purpose is to be able to do everything within AD without having to use other software for "current" deficiencies of AD. I have been trying AD for a few weeks and I think it's amazing, 100,000 times better than Ai, but it has some shortcomings, missing features to finally replace Adobe software. (Ai has always sucked)
  4. how do you do this thing ?? I believe that when you press hide hide bleed (shift + tab) you should also be able to hide all objects outside of the artboards and then hide the objects on the assembly table. Currently it does not. I believe that by default you should have set the artboard and the possibility of setting a bleed that can currently only be set later and not when a page is created. then you should be able to enter the number of tables (of the same format) that you can already create on file / new
  5. +1 I hope they make these additions along with many other necessary ones. It would be great if the Designer * .afdesign files, besides being AF proprietary files, be natively compatible PDF files so as to insert them in INDESIGN without having to export a real PDF file. I understand that INDESIGN does not read such files ... Probably Affinity should create a tool that implements the Indesign functionalities making it capable of opening and importing the * .afdesign file as a link. I understand that on Affinity's part its purpose is to move on to the entire product range but as long as pubblisher will not be a worthy and valid substitute for Indesign this will never happen. Except Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign are valid software. Illustrator in my opinion sins a lot in many structural things at the base that for 30 years are not resolved. If the Affinity Designer development team will soon commit, we hope, to fill the gaps in this software with respect to the competitor, I believe it is a valid adversary. Already now AD is better than Ai on many things, but the lack of some function makes the complete transition to AD stop. Ai is slow, inaccurate, cumbersome.
  6. I see. I wonder: 1. Practically the double function is useless (superfluous), one could, should always use one or more artboards! 2. in artboard mode, there is no possibility to hide the display of everything that is not part of the artboard? so also the guides, margins, etc. as happens on indesign with the W key it would be useful and necessary. 3. Is there no way to turn any carrier into a guide? But to delete a guide you have to go to the guide management panel to eliminate them or is there any command? 4. The panel manages guides, certainly useful for many things, even for columns etc ... but I find it quite inconvenient .. to move a guide every time you have to go to recall the panel and change it, much more intuitive as it works in Adobe, would be better!
  7. I also started with Freehand, then I switched to Ai due to the acquisition by the adobe ... Currently on windows it still works freehand, but the standard was passed to the adobe. But I never got along with Ai. Very slow, heavy, etc. With the many problems that had freehand (various bugs, color management, etc.), it was certainly easier to work. We did everything.
  8. I still don't know the difference in creating a document without the artboard check
  9. I hope they hurry up, I can't wait to leave Illustrator for good and, for my humble opinion, it has always sucked!
  10. could you explain the difference between the two modes? Artboard and NOT artboard because if I create an artboard I can't insert the bleed ?? Wouldn't it be appropriate to be able to decide during the Document creation phase how many artboards to create instead of manually adding them then ??
  11. can't you change this RMB + LMB command in the keyboard command settings ???
  12. Forgive me if I ask you, but how can you do these things ??? This is exactly what I would like ... Similarly, the plug-in of the astute graphics subscribe ... How can we show these things to the AD developers? I believe that they should think of some design function a little more particular and precise. I'm not saying it should work like a CAD, but being a vector drawing software, a lot of drawing things should be able to do ...
  13. yes also in windows the ALT key works this way (I didn't know, I have been using AD for a few days) however AD still has some things missing, but it is already clearly better than AI. Faster, more precise. Hopefully those of the Affinity will give you a wake up call that surpassing Adobe AI is almost done. I have always hated AI since I left freehand. Freehand was magnificent.
  14. I tried and I succeeded, but the combination of the RMB + LMB keys in windows is hellish !!! Very uncomfortable like what ... there is no other solution?
  15. I can't, like in your tutorial, pull the circle and point to the nodes of the 3 points of passage of the circumference why? Affinity Designer 2019-05-19 22-46-40.mp4
  16. Excuse my question / request, surely many of you will have different theses about this question, but I was wondering: Analyzing the two software "Designer and Publisher" I could not, to my great astonishment, notice that Publisher is importing Designer files natively (as is right and normal), but above all once the Designer vector file has been inserted into publisher it is possible to modify the vector directly without having to reopen it in Designer and update the connection instance again. Which is missing even in Illustrator !!! I also noticed that "Publisher's interface and tools are very similar if not identical to those of Designer". So to make it short: Wouldn't it be better to create just one great software by combining "designer and publisher"? By adding in Designer, the few missing drawing features that Designer has. (I would also add that there are very few missing features, and in contrast to Indesign, in Publisher it is possible to manage vectors much better) So in the end we designers We should learn only 2 software (one of design / layout and the other of photo editing), but above all, images apart, we should not go back and forth between software. I imagine that many will say that the two software will have to have a life of its own, that everyone was born to do one thing and not the other. But on balance the reality is that Publisher really lacks few design tools, to function identically as designers. So why not integrate it?
  17. hi I just found out about the existence of DrawPlus x8 !!! What is Drawplus x8 and what does it have to do with Affinity Designer?
  18. +5 1. would be great if, unlike "AI" these subdivisions were equidistant from each other (would divide the track into equidistant points), it is that one could decide at the start in how many parts to divide the track (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ... 999) 2. It would also be nice instead (I do not know if it is already possible), reduce the number of points, simplifying the track only with the essential Nodes.
  19. I'm trying to replicate the tutorial posted but it doesn't work for me. 1. I have a trace of a circle (in curves) 2. I select the ring, donut tool and with the selected curve trace I try to replicate the tutorial. Affinity Des. wants to create me a new Ring shape and not act on the selected path ... This thing only works if I already have a ring shape to work on!
  20. is this function already present in Affinity Des? It would not be so bad in certain cases, but I would like to create an additional circle superimposed on the curve.
  21. forgive me but do you think that I do not know how to "geometrically" construct a circle passing through 3 points? I only ask for a simple and fast system (if it doesn't already exist) to draw a circle passing through 3 points, without having to do all that long geometric construction to find the center.
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