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  1. It is perfect! I came back here to say thank you once more. Thank you!
  2. OMG! You guys are awesome. Much obliged. Really! You, with the goodwill you have, have greatly helped my wife. God greatly blesseth his days and his ways. I'll never forget this. Thank you!
  3. Wow! I am truly grateful for the enormous kindness shown here in my case. No words at all. Thank you! I want God to give you everything you have as a dream and what is in your heart. Much obliged! I wanted to learn better. I hope I can buy Affinity Designer later.
  4. Hmmm! As soon as you're home today, I'll try. Very grateful for your great help.
  5. Dear, They do not understand. I need to make the image logo. And I need to make this text "PODOLOGY" and below, in the same way, the name of my wife. Also, I wanted to see a way to re-create the image in the middle of the vector logo. Forgive me if I'm giving you any work. I am not avid user, but with the purchase of Affinity Photo, I would like to learn more and more. I always do something in Photoshop. At least I even knew this fantastic software. I currently do not have the resources for Afinity Designer. I'll get it, but not at the moment. I created a debt here to be able to acquire Affinity Photo just to make this logo for my wife. Thank you for your generosity, attention and understanding.
  6. I can only copy the text, not the format. And to copy format, everything merged.
  7. Artur de Souza Aragão

    Making a CD label

    Please, It makes me understand how I copy these elements of the file to another document already created, because I can not do it.
  8. Artur de Souza Aragão

    Text on path

    Text on path Dear, I want to make the suggestion to put the "text in the way" feature because Photoshop has this and I acquired Affinity Photo just waiting for this feature to exist. I am very happy that the AP has high compatibility with Photoshop files and this made me give up the product to use this. I'm not a heavy user. I do simple things and Affinity has helped me, but when I came up with the ability to create a Text in a circle, I did not find anything. I needed this urgently, because my wife needs this so I can make her logo. Sorry for the bluntness, but this feature was already to exist within the Affinity Photo.
  9. Thank you friend. Honestly I'm a bit disappointed as it will make me buy another app when we could have this in one place.
  10. Thank you friend. Honestly I'm a bit disappointed as it will make me buy another app when we could have this in one place.
  11. Dear, Thank you! I'm slow in these things. I'm trying to copy, but it's not coming to my project.
  12. I found it VERY lousy. I just wanted Affinity Photo to do this sort of thing. Wow! I did not want to replace Photoshop then. At Photopshop doing this is easy. The application proposes to be a great substitute and in this I have liked a lot, but when I discover these things and see the need to do things that is not by the application itself, it gets a bit difficult. Thanks for the info.
  13. Artur de Souza Aragão

    Making a CD label

    How did you do this in Affinity Photo?
  14. Affinity Photo - Create text inside a circle (text in the path) Dear, I bought Affinity Photo a week after some videos on the internet and a test I performed. I was impressed with the product and its high compatibility with Photoshop. I then decided to buy the product. I'm finding some problems adapting, but I'm sort of resolving this. However there is one thing that is worrying me, because I can not make a text around a circle and this is killing me. I see lots of videos pointing this out in Affinity Designer. But, Photoshop does this, because Affinity Photo does not?

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