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  1. Thanks, buying a Mac to get this feature probably isn't going to happen. Any ideas on making the icons smaller? Cheers
  2. I know I'm a bit late to the party but... a lot of videos I've watched show the file toolbar appearing and disappearing. How do I get this setting on I can't see anything vaguely like it in preferences. I'd like to do this because on my screen the bottom icon on the left hand side is barely showing as though my screen isn't quite tall enough. If I could make the icons slightly smaller that might solve it but that doesn't seem to be an option eithor Cheers and Merry Christmas
  3. I've had another go at the flood fill tool and managed to get it work more or less like I thought it should. I'm still not 100% sure what I did to get it to work and don't understand why the tolerance changes after I've set it but hopefully with another few days trial and error I'll get there. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the responses. I couldn't get the HSL solution to work as all the content got changed without making some complicated masks. The other solution certainly saves me ink so that's good. On my old 1990s software I could chose a colour from the image and then substitute that colour with any other using flood fill. I can't believe that this feature isn't hiding somewhere but that's progress for you. Thanks again
  5. I have an image that has a black ground a few bits of images and some text on it. I just to change the black to some lighter colour that won't make my printer use a gallon of ink. Trying to do it by selecting and changing HSL doesn't work because black isn't an option. Ideally I just want to use the flood fill tool to do it but it doesn't seem to like filling on top of balcks. Any Help appreciated but please don't use heavy techy language as I'm a novice Cheers
  6. Sorry about posting here but I can't see anywhere else suitable. Is there a guide to using this forum? I'm trying to subscribe to a thread but I can't see how to do it Cheers
  7. I use the excellent Irfan view to look at the files in the file thumbnails. I set up Affinity Photo as an external edit in options, settings Miscellaneous highlight the thumbnail and press shift and 1 and it opens in photo. Cheers
  8. Well that seems to solve all my problems, perhaps you should sell it to the Developers, remember to charge them in pounds at the same number as dollars Cheers
  9. Don't be coy how did you do that? When I tried it I was more than happy with the results Cheers
  10. Well, that's exactly what I want to do. So my faith that this product would be able to do it was not misplaced. That probably means that there are now two people who know how to do it. Just as a matter of interest what does rasterise actually mean? Thanks again
  11. You're absolutely right, of course, I just used the CD example to ensure that what I was trying to do was clear i.e write text in an arc. Unbelievable as it seems there are people new to Photo who think something like Convert to Curves might actually do that. Thus far I haven't worked out what it does.However I appreciate my lack of knowledge is the problem, for instance I still think a raster is a chap with dreadlocks who likes Reggae and a vector is a 1950's push bike. Not to worry a few more years watching YOUTUBE videos should see me alright. Thanks for the respon
  12. Cheers thanks for the response That's a bit worrying. How many other basic things can't it do. Only 3 days to find out
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