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    Printing profiles

    The problem remains the same with AP version Will wait for the next one. Cheers, Spoiler
  2. I have seen your advertising patch on Ronnie's Snooker waistcoat. It's a pity that he failed so early. However, good idea. NOBODY - even the deeply experts - did not expect this mishap. Always 1 of 10 good ideas fails for an unexpected reason. This is the one. However, WELL DONE(!) Affinity or Serif - whoever is resposible for this! I like what you do and the way you do it. Cheers from Germany.
  3. Danke fuer die schnellen Antworten. Das ist ja lustig, ich bin nur etwa eine Autostunde von Hamburg entfernt, deshalb: Moin Moin dominik! What you suggested won't work with colored paper. I want to see the paper color where you have white (or whatever else). Perfect calibrated machines and a color-system may be of help at that point. Anyhow, please do not overlook that: - the paper color varies production batch by production batch - there are papers with mixed colors or structured papers According to my understanding multiple frames is some kind of a workaround, but it is time consuming compared with simply selecting from a variation of existing styles. I could understand if this subject should be of secondary priority to the programmers, but I would appreciate a confirmation that the number of implemented line styles will be blown up. THANKS to all involved.
  4. I would like to select from various line styles for use around a frame, i.e. double lined or triple lined - and I did not succeed. The panel offers only a limited number of styles. However, please let me know howto.
  5. Spoiler

    Printing profiles

    By the way, the parameters used (in millimeters) refer to the metric system as correctly requested by the German language version of the software. So, don't panic with non-matric limit values.
  6. When I save the settings for a printjob as a profile for re-use, then the parameters are gone. Details see screenshots. Except this, the printing procedure works fine. Regards from Germany

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