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  1. Thank you. Will get back into experimenting soon; it does look like it is going to help with my self publishing artist book agenda. Des
  2. High. Apologies if this is just my ignorance. As never worked with publishing sw before and even Blurb confuses me. But loaded to Affinity Publisher a Blurb .pdf of my book to try and take control. What seemed to happen was when opening on Affinity the images seemed great, but all the text had a duplication of the same text over it. Then when I went into text and deleted the duplication the original text underneath was good. Now this might be an intentional Blurb thing. Also cannot work out how to edit the text; assuming perhaps it is an image and not actual text?? Thanks. Hopefully useful and not just a distraction. high res Venice blurb.pdf
  3. Great, looks really good. And pretty close to what I am trying to achieve. Have to date been using Blurb's Bookwright, as a non-pro. self publisher. Affinity gives me loads more creative printing options. Started today to experiment and have been really impressed with its usability, but trying to find how to make the book's cover; front cover, rear cover and spine. Blurb's tool presents it as complete model so the information just needs to be put in. Am I missing this here?? Very best wishes, Des.
  4. It might be me? As an artist-photographer, not a pro. publishing specialist. Accidentally imported draft .pdf book file and was shocked it seemed to work so easily and well. But then very surprised that .docx and rtf files say not recognised. Will have to live with that; unless it has been implemented and I have not found it?
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