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  1. I have a LG 4K monitor (sRGB) and it's calibrated with 1iProfile. When exporting for the web, say Facebook and Flicker. The images are lighter and the contrast is less. I've performed the Soft profiling for sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Is it pretty much trail and error, trying to get the tones and contrast to match between the monitor and web. I'm a hobbyist and less experiences
  2. v1.7.0.293 Masks and blends end up with color variaton on export. I've attached a copy of what's on my screen before export and what the output is. I've even gone as far as 'Merge visible' on my layers, uncheck and unselect all layers other than the one that I'm exporting. This particular one is when masking. Capture.jpg is the screenshot within Affinity photo, the other is the actual result on export.
  3. Will do. It will be next week when I get to where I get work on my photos. I'm a photo hobbyist and have a day job.
  4. Running the latest version of Affinity Photo. I've ran into issues where Affinity Photo will not respond accordingly. Below are two examples. (P.S. This is for Windows 10) 1. Forgets that I'm painting onto a mask. It's happened more than once, where I've been creating a mask by painting black, white or grey onto it. Go and apply a layer adjustment. Then come back to the mask and it's treats my painting as if it was a regular pixel layer. I've deselected layers, gone back selected the mask layer. If I step back through history or delete the mask and start over, it work
  5. I've noticed slow issues as well. One particular document has about 12 channels, as I'm attempting multiple luminosity masks. It seriously took 15 minutes at least to save the project file. That's on a i7-7000 desktop with 16 GB of ram. Other slowness issues involve adjustment layers on said luminosity masks. I'm downloading the latest beta to see if it bolds better.
  6. Interesting. I own both DXO and On1 Photoraw. On1 has better access management. I need to play with both and affinity photo more.
  7. Thank you. I was able to resize the document and it uploaded. Attached is the original with not edits.
  8. I was able to upload my photo in tiff format, but not jpeg or png. More than likely an embedding issue. Looks like sharing via url might work.
  9. I kept getting an -200 error when trying to upload a photo. And for some reason cannot delete this post.
  10. I have a Nikon Z6 and have been told that shooting in RAW - uncompressed is the best way to go. Finding out that Affinity Pro has an issue with opening uncompressed NEF files. Can anyone tell me if the DNG converter dumps down the image to 16 bit or not. I love the idea of being able to do my photo work in 32 bit.
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